The quality of employees is usually the most important driver of success. A team of clever individuals has the power to take your business to the next level, so you should be ready to hire professionals who are smarter than you.

According to business research, the best-performing workers are four times as productive as average performers. These top quality employees are the type of professionals you need to recruit even if they can outdo you in terms of knowledge and skills. In this article, we will discuss six reasons why you should start hiring people who are smarter than you.

Hiring Value Equals Creating Value

Nobody can create value and improve business without original ideas and innovation. If you can employ people who have interesting proposals and know how to put them into practice, you shouldn’t let your ego interfere with the decision.

Recruit for Competency

As a senior manager, you need to be open-minded and make the best decisions for the company, which includes recruiting people for their competency. This way, you get to improve long-term profitability while also proving your devotion and dedication to putting the organization before your ego.

Don’t think that new employees won’t appreciate your way of thinking. A study even found that candidates who have a positive hiring experience put more effort into the job. In such circumstances, most of them are also willing to help you gain new knowledge, which is a win-win situation for both parties.

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Build Company Culture

Every boss is a role model for his or her subordinates. Your behavior influences their attitude, so it is your job to set a good example for everyone. If employees realize that you are not afraid of hiring people who can outperform you, they will consider working for you a huge privilege. It will boost collaboration and grow the feeling of belonging to the team. In other words, you can build a strong company culture this way.

Aaron Weber, an HR specialist at Essay On Time, recently noted: “You can’t generate profit out of nothing. You must have the courage to gather a group of proficient professionals and let them carry your business. Don’t be afraid and enjoy the privilege of working with such talents.”

Reduce Costs

Intelligent individuals not only perform better, but they also cost less than other workers. If you turn down job applicants just because they are smarter than you, you have to settle with underperforming candidates, which can be detrimental to your business. According to one study, the ROI of a bad hire is almost -300%, so try to keep in mind the negative consequences of ego-driven decisions. Otherwise, these types of decisions will make the organization less profitable and jeopardize your leadership authority in the long run.

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Take Responsibility

Taking responsibility is one of the basic professional tasks of all managers. No matter how proud or arrogant you might be, sometimes you just have to sacrifice your ego for the greater good. Don’t limit the company to your own abilities if there are other people who can help you develop a better system. After all, who says it will hurt your career? Being the leader of a highly productive team will only make you look better in the eyes of other business owners and colleagues.

You Are Still In Charge

Just because new employees have more experience or knowledge than you doesn’t make them better supervisors or leaders. You are still in charge, and your job is to coordinate all of their activities. Okay, perhaps they are experts in digital marketing or accounting–but you are the glue that keeps the whole group together. Don’t be afraid to let them do their jobs. They will do what they do best, and it shouldn’t  stop you from being a good manager.

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People often say that the key to success lies in your strengths. In terms of entrepreneurship, employees should be your biggest strength. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to hire the best individuals–even if they are more proficient than you. In this article, we showed you six reasons why you should start hiring people smarter than you. Give our advice a try and you’ll be happy to realize that your business will grow steadily with the help of your new employees.


About the author:

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