Crossing the biggest country in the world in the company of fellow digital nomads (while working remotely) – seems like a wild idea. We were crazy enough to suggest this adventure to other folks and, eventually, pursue it!

The Project

“From Nomads for Nomads” we planned Nomad Train as a coworking and coliving experience on the road. Since the three founders work remotely (actually, we coordinated the whole train journey from 3 continents), we designed the experience fit for ourselves: a combination of digital detox while on the train, stable internet connection in coworking spaces during long stops and (almost!) unlimited 4G on Russian sim cards provided by sponsors.

Nomad Train 2017

The Route

Starting in Moscow on day one, Nomad Train crossed whole Russia and half of Mongolia heading down to Ulaanbaatar, the Mongolian capital. Key stops on the way were Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk. 2-3 days per city, we had enough time to catch up with work, explore Russian life and even get to the stunning Lake Baikal!

Nomad Train


And we had a lot done.

Nomad Train picked coworking partners in each of the Russian cities. We ended up exploring 4 coworking spaces – each with its’ own vibe – during this trip.

Coworking on the train turned out to be another possibility, especially if you’ve got a backlog with offline tasks šŸ˜‰ We used restaurant cars as coworking space and set coworking corners in “kupe”, a 4-people compartment. With 4G internet and WiFi hotspots, some of us even did conferences and webinars from train stations!

Working from the Urals and Siberia

Coworking experience en route was great, I’d say. Our group was very eager to check out different workspaces in the cities, so we got to work with partner coworking offices in Russia quite a bit!

Our basecamp in Yekaterinburg: Salt and Yeltsin

We loved Salt, because it felt so stylish and professional at the same time. Cool vibes here!

Nomad Train

Our basecampĀ in Novosibirsk: Business Lab

Business Lab has an open plan seating, several zones for work and a cozy area. Great location and very collaborative team from Business Lab – we loved it here!

Business Lab - Nomad Train

Our basecamp in Irkutsk: InLermontov

InLermontov is where we worked the longest, the good part of the week. It was easy to find and the space is well-organized to get focused on work. Felt very welcome!

Nomad Train Pioneers

The vibe during this trip is the best thing that happened to us in a long time. Over 30 experienced nomads from 12+ nationalities and a crazy amount of travel experience made a dream team.

Real Russia

For Nomad Train real Russian experience was a part of a daily routine. We didn’t do touristic trains (on purpose), we took the same train locals use and met them – locals – all the time. We did go to the most epic places in the country, like Baikal Lake and the Red Square, but it was a lot about living the train life and seeing the diversity in all the Russian cities we pass by.

Nomad Train - Russia

Next Chapter

For most Nomad Train folks, next chapter 2017 was a trip around Mongolia and China. The pics and videos look stunning!

Get on board

To join our community and explore the world from the train, join us on the next trips as applications for 2018 Nomad Train adventures are already open at

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