Lummetry.AI is one of the coolest entrepreneurship company we know. They are an amazing team of business and engineers specialists working with AI and are very passionate about what they do. Here’s a little bit more about them, what they do and how they can help you.

Tell us a bit about yourselves and how did Lummetry started.

Lummetry is an AI-driven boutique data science company led by 2 managing partners: Andrei Damian, Chief AI Research Officer and Cosmin Marinescu, Chief Executive Officer. Together with Dr. Carmen Maria Popescu, Chief Strategy Officer and Laurentiu Piciu, Lead Data Scientist and Partner, we are leading a team of 11 people as global AI company.

Lummetry used to be a traditional software development company for 8 years before switching the focus exclusively towards Data Science, in 2015. For the past years, we have specialized in AI powered Predictive Analytics & Video Analytics.

Recently we welcomed Marian Dinu as our Business Angel investor. He is currently the managing partner of the DLA Piper Dinu, a leading Global law firm. His expertise in M&A and VC funding represents a valuable asset to Lummetry

What does Lummetry do and how does it work?

What can Lummetry do for you? Lummetry is an AI-driven data science company focused on implementing Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning in particular, in order to assist companies that have Big Data available. In short, we assist you in discovering and using the full potential of you work, of your business.

Continuous data gathering, data analyzing, data modelling, predicting and acting on the business insights using new-generation technologies – this is the future of both small and big businesses. With our help, your company can identify and capitalize on untapped business opportunities, discover and mitigate risks, automate knowledge work by leveraging Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) with the power of Machine Learning and Deep Learning models.

Do you need Lummetry? Our products and solutions can adapt to any domain including Retail, Banking, Healthcare, Online Advertising, Distribution and Logistics, Security, Industrial Maintenance and many more, from small coffee shops to giants. From our many collaborations, we’re most fond on the projects focused mainly on Big Data pattern identification and “jaw-dropping” predictions. Lummetry has successfully offered valuable insights on customer behaviour understanding and prediction. For example: customer segmentation based on behaviour for intelligent marketing purposes; churn prediction – which customers are likely to stop buying or cancel subscriptions and when; time to next purchase prediction – when will the customer buy again from a seller; next basket value prediction – what will the customer buy next time from the seller; financial transactions anomalies identification and prediction – double payments, overpayments, fraud, etc.; computer vision analytics – face recognition, person reidentification, object detection, and so on.

Our Underlying Magic

We are making full use of beyond state-of-the-art deep learning proprietary research and technologies in order to deliver to our clients the best possible business insights. Such technologies include the following:

*Hierarchical Recurrent Deep Acyclic Graphs based on CUDA-optimized LSTMs

*Mesh multi column, graph-in-graph architectures based on fully connected NN modules

*Complex Deep Vision graphs based on convolutional (CNN) modules

*Multiple multi-dimensional latent variable analysis including tSNE visualization

Your great advantage is that Lummetry is using its own unique, inhouse developed technology, which means that you will get personalized predictions and results.

Lummetry can help you in 2 distinct ways:

*Software as a service (SaaS) for our existing products and personalized AI models. You can establish a partnership with Lummetry which allows you to resell our products and solutions towards your own clients.

*Customized data science projects for your own business – this involves a specific research and development stage, tailored to your needs and goals.

Tell us a bit about your team and their background

Lummetry’s strength comes from our approach to the organization – we work together, build together, each of us bringing his best on the table. Three people lead the team, each with his own technological and business skills.

Andrei Damian (42), Managing Partner and Chief AI Research Officer at Lummetry, has been a tech entrepreneur since his teens, with computer science background and tech consultancy expertise. He is also an assistant professor, teaching the “Data Science with Deep Learning” course as part of the AI Master program at the Bucharest University of Polytechnics. He is PhD candidate at the same university doing research on AI. Andrei is in charge both with the overall AI strategy applicable for each of our clients’ businesses and the leadership of our data science team.

Cosmin Marinescu (35), Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer has been an expert for more than 13 years with business and economics background, making full use of statistics and data analytics in business data driven decisions. He is an EMBA alumnus from the Maastricht School of Management, which offers Lummetry a unique approach of the highest professional tier. He is also a “magna cum laude” alumnus of the “Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy” course from MIT Sloan & MIT CSAIL.

Laurentiu Piciu, Lead Data Scientist and AI Researcher, is a top of the class, magna cum laude, AI master student. Moreover, he achieved impressive results at the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) competitions focused on research and communication in a broad range of computing areas. Furthermore, he is assisting Andrei with the teaching of the “Data Science with Deep Learning” course as part of the AI Master program at the Bucharest University of Polytechnics. Laurentiu leads Lummetry’s data science team implementing our AI strategy with the business use-case permanently in sight.

Who’s your perfect client?

Anyone. Any company that has Big Data available.

The beauty of Lummetry comes from the fact that it can provide solutions from the smallest paper- selling business to the largest giant corporations.

We specialized in analyzing and modelling Big Data, using it to offer valuable information to you about your clients, your business – Lummetry’s predictions can optimize your workflow as you learn to work with it, work with the AI.

A client that wishes to improve his business and maintains an open-mind regarding the advantages of AI implementation, is a happy client. Can anyone ask for more than a happy client?

Why did you choose to work from a coworking space? What are the criteria based on which you chose an office in a coworking space? How is it working from Commons?

Everyone has his own views when it comes for the workspace. For us, it was not so much as a trial-and-error choice, but rather a conscious decision to optimize our workflow and improve our focus on business development rather than office administration. Truth be told, the working vibe in a hub is that of a beehive. Oddly enough it is an emotional feeling that maintains the flow and enhances the “we are in this together” picture for each of our team members. We are grateful to them for their constant efforts: Alexandru Purdila, Isabela Neacsu, Iulian Craciun, Madalin Fasie, Mihaela Baluta, Mihai Constantinescu, Nicolae Istrate and Sergiu Turlea (alphabetical order).

To sum it up, we decided in favour of a coworking space for the following reasons:

*No need for any effort with respect to office management (cleaning, internet, heating, maintenance, utilities). We need to keep our focus on what we do best and that is data science.

*The working vibe in a hub is that of a beehive. Everyone seems to be focused on work and it feels like success is in the air. It is an emotional feeling rather than rational and cannot be expressed in words appropriately.

*The networking potential – we met a lot of people from different industries that connected us with potential clients. The networking culture is here in the hub. Even if one does not possess networking skills, once you step in the hub networking feels natural.

*Hub Managers are very supportive and flexible. You can feel the positive atmosphere coming from the Hub Managers. Laura, David, you are simply great people to talk to and work with!

What’s your plan for the future?

Our goal is to create a solution/platform which unifies all of our work and proprietary AI models into a single place that would be accessible to our clients and easy to implement. This way we could focus more on partnerships for reselling our solutions. Scaling our business on the global market would become a natural next phase.

How does a work day look for you?

Work in the morning. Work at noon. Work in the afternoon. Work in the evening :). This means research study in the morning, assisting clients at noon, aiding partners in the afternoon, supporting each other in our team before calling it a day.

Every workday can be different. Sometimes we spend our mornings studying. We always have to be up to date with state-of-the-art technologies. It is an ongoing race. We then gather together and plan our workflow. Afterwards, we work on our magic – data scientist work on tech and business-focused people work on clients and leads. This, of course, differs from the days when we bring our resources together to implement solutions for a client or actively assist or support them.

Do you think robots will take over our jobs in the future?

We truly believe in Collaborative Intelligence. That means humans working alongside machines and performing much better in collaboration rather than humans alone or machines alone. Anxiety is normal, yet, this anxiety can be reduced by education. Studying what Artificial Intelligence is and its current state, would make all of us feel more secure about our future alongside machines. History shows that for centuries we have been afraid of job losses due to technological evolution. History also shows that our worries proved wrong and jobs increased significantly with each technological revolution. We believe this will be the case with AI too.

Why shouldn’t people be afraid of technology and especially new tech?

Technology improves the quality of life. For example, now we do not have to think about navigating through traffic, technology does it for us. This was almost Sci-Fi only 7-8 years ago. Same for AI – we are slowly learning to embrace the advantages of Artificial Intelligence.

Lummetry is thought out to improve life, to bring a little bit of light into your day-to-day work – hence the name. Improving doesn’t mean “change”. It means “adding” layers to something that’s already there. Like wearing a warm coat on a cold day. Sure, you can leave the coat at home… but if it’s so easy to take and put it on, why not wear it and see how you feel?

After all, you want a brighter future, we also want a brighter future. We’re all in a symmetry of thoughts. Lummetry brings that bright future, tailored to your needs.