CoWork Camps is a new coworking experience that invites entrepreneurs, digital nomads, freelancers, and startups alike to live, work, play together for one month in a unique location to become inspired.

Although the facilitators currently have a coworking community of 300 residents in Mozambique, they wanted to provide digital nomads with the option to come for a shorter period of time, not necessarily to Maputo, but to close site near by where the experience of work and leisure could be a part of the same mix. This led them to choose the epic Kruger Park location, which is the largest safari reserve in South Africa.

Here, Fernando of CoWork Camps will share everything you need to know about the Kruger Park camp experience and how you can join.

What are CoWork Camps all about?

It’s about experiencing one month with 19 other, work focused, digital nomads in a vacational site. We make sure that the work conditions are in place so that the group gets their work done in style, so the fun just happens by itself. Our camps also incorporate a very strong local flavor as we have a full-time local host and organize daily activities with the community, which are optional. At Kruger Park, African culture, cooking, handicrafts, biology and animal conservation will play a big part in the events.

What can someone who takes part in CoWork Camps expect?

To be taken care of from the moment they land at one of the suggested airports. The Kruger Park camp includes accommodations, meals, transportation, tickets for the Kruger safari, local activities, a local sim card, transfers, bikes, and an enthusiastic full-time host.

We want people to feel SAFE. After safety comes confidence. With confidence comes connection. With connection comes everything else that we can’t even imagine. Our job is to take people from safety to connection.

What is the benefit of taking part in one of the CoWork Camps?

You will have your work done in style, probably with much more creativity and added value. You will have fun, meet new people, learn new things, both useful for your work and for you as a person. There is even a chance you will save money, depending on the country you are coming from.

What kinds of initiatives do CoWork Camps take to create a community?

We have a full-time host whose main responsibility is to create a sense of community through daily events. Although these events are optional, they range in times, from early in the morning or in the evening so people can take part in some sort of activity no matter what their work schedule is like.

What is the recipe for opening and managing a coworking camp?

Easy, 20 nice rooms, one good work room, great internet connection, good service for meals either in the facility or near by, an inspiring location, an incredibly friendly local host that knows every inch of the grounds, and a group of 20 diverse, open minded nomadic workers.

What made you want to start CoWork Camps?

We believe many people have jobs they can do remotely. Some already know that, some don’t. If we offer good quality and fairly priced experiences and challenge people to go out of their natural routine and experience a different environment, we will be making a positive contribution to their lives. At the same time, we will be making a positive contribution to the local economy in Africa by introducing a new sustainable business.

What is the number one consideration while creating a coworking experience?

It’s all about respecting individuality within a commentary order. Meaning number one consideration is to build up a community but respecting individual paces, behaviors, and habits.


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CoWork Camps also offers an amazing experience in Lisbon, Portugal. Aside from all meals (only breakfast is provided) the Lisbon camp also includes accommodations, transportation, local activities, a local sim card, transfers, bikes, and an amazing full-time host.

Disclaimer: Lisbon CoWork Camp is only recommended for seed startup founders. The camp is a full-time program, up to 10 early stage startups coming to Lisbon for the month before web summit, emerging in a mentoring process ending up pitching to investors. The best start-up will get FREE tickets to the Web Summit.

Edited by Madison Maidment