The typical image of a leader is someone in a suit, handing down wisdom to their followers. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. A leader can look like anyone, as it’s the values they hold that are what’s really important. Here’s how you can cultivate these values in yourself and become a great leader, too.

Take Charge

Taking chargeA leader is someone who’ll steer a company or group through the bad times, as well as the good. When things go south, be ready to face challenges head on. The people working with you will respect you as a leader if you’re willing to share the bad news with them, as well as the good. It shows you’re proactive about improving the situation.

Earn Trust From Others

A good leader is someone who you can trust. If you’re aloof or don’t get involved, how can anyone trust you? You need to create good and lasting relationships with the people you want to lead. A good way to win trust is to take an interest in people beyond their primary roles’ says speech writer Vicki R. Nickel at Essay Writing Services. ‘Ask them about their children, or their plans for the weekend. Don’t pry, but show that you’re interested in them as a person.

Appreciate Those You Work With

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Think back to when you were at school. How did it feel when the teacher praised you for something you did? It probably felt amazing to be recognised like that. Now, you’re not the teacher and your team aren’t the children you have to teach, but you can still become inspiring by praising them when appropriate. It feels great to have your work recognised, so make sure you’re appreciating others when they need to be appreciated.

Communicate With Your Team

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It’s vital that you communicate with the people that you’re leading. It’s hard to look up to anyone who won’t talk to them about what they’re working on. This means that you need to make yourself approachable to them. Be willing to listen to them, and give them the space to communicate their needs to you. The more you do this, the more your team will respect you.

Create A Positive Energy

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Team manager Denise D. Morris from Best British Essays says, ‘The most important thing you can do as a leader is create a positive energy for the people following you. It’s much harder to work under someone who doesn’t have faith in their team.’ Be positive in how you communicate with others, and show them that you have faith in what they’re doing. Being positive can have an amazing effect on others, as your attitude with rub off on them.

Be Authentic

If you’re not the type of person who’s comfortable in a suit, don’t pretend that you are. People will see right through it, and you’ll find that they respect you less. It’s much more advisable to just be yourself. Use your best talents to your advantage, and you’ll find that your team will respect you much more. It’ll also make them feel more comfortable to be themselves.

Set An Example

Make it clear what your values are, and hold yourself to them as well as your team. It’s hard for anyone to respect you if you don’t walk the walk. If you hold yourself to the same standards as everyone else, you’ll be a good and inspiring leader.

These are just a few tips on how to become a good leader. Anyone can do it if there willing to work on it. Follow these tips and you’ll see that you can gain the respect of your team.