Remote work provides a wide range of benefits and opportunities, such as working from where you like, choosing your own hours, and working how you like. There are, of course, some difficulties that may arise. Not being around other workers in the office can bring about feelings of loneliness. This can be made even more difficult when working from different countries, where you don’t have the social support of friends nearby.

Have no fear! It’s fairly common that you’ll sometimes get a bit lonely working alone or across the globe. When loneliness strikes, there’s no better time to get yourself to a coworking space.

The effects of loneliness on your work and health

The effects of loneliness on the quality of your work have been well researched. It can affect your performance in a number of ways, according to research from California State University. This includes teamwork, completion of assigned duties, and overall contribution. Apart from an obvious decrease in performance at work, loneliness is associated with a number of negative health effects. Anxiety and depression are correlated with loneliness and even an increased mortality rate, equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes per day!

Fighting loneliness in remote work with coworking spaces

In order to stay healthy, productive, and happy, you should try to stay connected with others. A coworking space is an easy and effective way of combating loneliness when working remotely. Even on your travels, you should be able to find somewhere to work with other remote employees and freelancers. Of course, you don’t always have to use one, but they are available for when you need socialization most.

The benefits of coworking spaces

Although it’s perfectly possible to work in social settings like cafes and coffee shops, these locations aren’t always completely suitable for your work needs. The Wi-Fi could be slow, the atmosphere noisy, or you may need access to printing. A coworking space can offer all the physical benefits of the office that a coffee shop may not provide. Combating loneliness doesn’t just mean being around people; you need to interact, too!

Surrounding yourself with others also in a working mood can be conducive to producing better-quality work. When everyone is relaxing around you and taking some time off, it can be easy to become de-motivated or distracted. A stimulating environment with others who are also enthusiastic about their work can really help. This will alleviate any lost enthusiasm, which can happen when feeling lonely from remote working.

You are much more likely to find a freelancer/remote worker community when visiting a coworking space. This can lead to more social experiences outside of work, helping build a network and community of friends who are in the same position as you. Many coworking spaces make an effort to foster a communal experience at the office. As a result, events and services for coworking members are typical.

The number of coworking spaces is set to increase to 26,000 by 2020, meaning that more places and opportunities are available for those looking to combat loneliness. You can often gain all the benefits of a traditional office setting, without a lot of the negatives that probably led you to remote work in the first place.

Find out more about coworking spaces and remote work

Next time you find yourself feeling lonely while working remotely, remember coworking space. They can be of great benefit to your work, health, and social life in comparison to other communal areas.

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