What are the most important digital marketing skills to have when applying for a new job? Well, if you’ve been involved with digital marketing in any way, you’re are already aware of the rapid changes occurring in that sector on a regular basis. Just as digital marketing practices are constantly evolving, so are the skills of digital marketers.

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In order to create an attractive resume, you’ll have to keep adding to your skills. Currently, the most desirable skills are not identical to the ones that employers looked for two years ago. Being current – that’s what makes any digital marketer a catch as a candidate for a new job.
So what makes you current nowadays?

Let’s list the 7 must-have digital marketing skills that should find their way into your resume today:

1. Storytelling

The text for a digital marketing campaign is basically a story unlike any other that the audience has heard before. It’s believable, engaging, relevant and supported by a strong emotional appeal.

The ability to tell stories in a way that makes a brand attractive for an investment is vital to getting a job as a digital marketer

2. Experience with Drip Marketing Campaigns


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Many people are aware of the importance of lead marketing. But what do we do after we get those leads? That’s when drip marketing makes its way into the picture as a strategy based on periodic offers and promotional pieces to prospect leads.

The process is quite effective when executed properly. However, it can lead to many lost customers or leads if done incorrectly. That’s why it’s important for a digital marketer to show they know how to handle drip marketing campaigns in a way that makes them attractive instead of imposing. It’s about knowing how to automate a campaign without sending the same message to an entire group of leads. It’s about personalizing the communication in a way that brings people to action.

3. Proper Language Skills

Today’s digital marketing may involve slang; however, proper grammar has always been important to the process of applying for a job. Using correct sentence structure and diligent proofreading are crucial to a project’s success and to landing a digital marketing job.

Hiring managers will always evaluate language and grammar skills from the resume itself. You don’t have to include “grammar skills” in the list of qualifications unless you have a certificate that proves them. Just make sure to edit and proofread your resume and cover letter so the hiring manager will see that you’re capable of writing flawless content.

4. Skills to Convince and Sell

With the crazy competition between brands in the online world, sales skills are more important than ever. A digital marketer is not only responsible for creating a campaign; they are also responsible for successful selling.

Roberta Galvin, a senior recruitment specialist at Superior Papers, shares this insight: “When I’m after a digital marketer for my team, I’ll certainly hire someone who’s sold successfully before. A digital marketer may not be the one who directly closes deals, but they still need the skills to convince and sell the product they are trying to advertise.

5. Data Analytics


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Analyzing quantifiable metrics is part of a digital marketer’s job description. Today, marketing teams being overwhelmed with more data than ever–and it comes in from all kinds of sources. The ability of a digital marketer to search, understand and implement that data into a campaign is a determining factor in the battle for supremacy in the online world.

6. Experience with Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid social media ads are becoming more popular and useful by the day. Almost all popular pages on Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms depend on these ads. If you’re looking for a job as a digital marketer, you’ll have to prove your skills to develop a paid advertising campaign that will return the investment in many ways.

If you intend to get a position in digital marketing, you’ll have to prove you have what it takes to understand Facebook analytics and implement them into a successful advertising campaign.

7. Personal Branding

If you’re applying for a job position that includes branding in its description, the employer will certainly want to see if you’ve developed your own personal brand. Self-promotion is not self-centered but smart presentation. That’s why it’s important to develop a successful blog, work on having an influential social media presence and highlight these points on your resume.

If you’re ready to compete with other digital marketers for a job, you must convey significant skills through your resume. We just listed the seven skills that are currently important. However, don’t forget that the industry evolves and your skills must also grow along the way.