The Coworking Europe Conference 2018 is more than just a conference that brings passionate people who love coworking together. At its core, Coworking Europe is meant to illuminate insights about the coworking industry, driven by original stories of players who “walk the walk” and know the ecosystem better than anyone else.

The Coworking Europe Conference 2018 is heading to Amsterdam on November 14-16 for its ninth edition. Will you be joining us?

As the largest international event devoted to coworking, this year’s conference will bring to the Netherlands close to 500 coworking operators and stakeholders from 45 different countries.

The conference organizers have partnered up with the Coworking Amsterdam Association, Startup Amsterdam and B.Amsterdam Building to bring the event to Dutch territories this year. Individuals like coworking space operators, community managers, industry players, office developers and investors are expected during the three-day conference.

Plus, the conference will take place at B.Amsterdam, which is one of the biggest startup ecosystems in Europe. With a rising number of independent workers that’s among the highest in the EU, Amsterdam is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s startup capitals. In a city where individual freedom is not only respected but encouraged, coworking spaces are becoming wildly popular amongst the city’s entrepreneurial and freelancer scene. Hence, Amsterdam is the perfect location to host this year’s Coworking Europe conference.

The Coworking Europe Conference 2018 will address the multi-dimensional nature of coworking. Already, coworking is a booming industry and a strengthening cultural movement that’s re-modeling the very notion of what workplaces should be and what they should deliver in terms of human interaction in the 21st century.

Moreover, the conference is a unique networking event for all the coworking communities operating in Europe and beyond. Some of the best coworking world experts and practitioners will share their thoughts, insights and ideas during the three days of events in Amsterdam. The program and speaker lineup can be found on the Coworking Europe Conference website:

About Coworking in Europe

The coworking culture is driving the change in the office market and reshaping the face of cities and towns all over the globe, boosting different kind of industries, such as real estate and hospitality.

Technological, cultural or ecological mega-trends are changing the global economy and society on the whole, fueling the growth and rapid expansion of coworking. With close to 20,000 spaces in operation all around the world, coworking has become a major global phenomenon that’s made a positive impact on people, companies and cities.

Now more than ever before, flexible social workplaces are becoming the norm within the workplace industry. In the near future, this will have a major impact on societal factors like city planning, mobility challenges, workplace models and sustainable development.

About the Coworking Europe 2018 Conference

The Coworking Europe 2018 conference is produced by, with the support this year of the Amsterdam Coworking Association, the B.Amsterdam Building and Startup Amsterdam.

The Coworking Europe Conference was launched in 2010 in Brussels, Belgium. It has already been hosted in Dublin, Brussels, Berlin, Barcelona and has managed to create an amazing community of space owners, operators and stakeholders who aim to engage with the local community wherever they go.

Check out the great Coworking Europe community by watching last year’s conference recap video:

You won’t want to miss this chance to connect, collaborate and gain inspiration from other like-minded entrepreneurs who are leaders in the coworking sphere. Adding the right person to your network could change the way you work. We hope you’ll join us!