What are you using social media for?

For most people, it’s about making friends and keeping the connection with old friends alive. It’s also about getting information. Facebook is probably the only newspaper we need these days.  

Are we forgetting something? What about getting jobs? Social media has great benefits in that aspect, too.

Do you want a proof? Take this as a fact: every potential employer will run a social media search before inviting job candidates for an interview. If they find nothing, they might still call you for an interview, but their impressions won’t be complete. They will just assume you’re not keeping pace with the trends.

If the employer doesn’t like what they find, you won’t get that call. Let’s say you’ve made outrageous discriminatory comments on a thread. Let’s say you’ve posted content that’s hurtful or offensive to some people. You will not get that call. If there’s stuff like that on your social media profiles, you better get rid of it and reconsider your values.

If they see great activity on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms, the hiring manager will get a much better impression of you as a potential employee. Let’s say you’re looking for a job in social services, and the hiring manager sees a profile full of calls to action that would improve our social system. Do you realize how social media can help you make a positive impact?

So you make sure to maintain your activity high and post great things on social media. That helps with the hiring process, but it’s a passive approach. You just do your thing and you wait? You can do better than that!

Social media is also great for active job search. You can simply share the news that you’re looking for a job, and start connecting with the right people. Right there, on social media! The job hunting process is all about networking, and social media is all about networking. The connection is clear.

But it’s not easy. You have to take specific steps that will help you present yourself as a candidate that anyone would love to have in their company. You want some help with that? This infographic by A-Writer.com tells you what to do. You get 7 precise steps to follow. Pay attention to all details and you’ll increase your chances of getting that job you want.