If there was ever a sport made for networking, that sport is golf. Everyone wants an excuse to get out of the office sometime. While a potentially valued business connection may shoot down your request for a business meeting, they’re much less likely to pass over a round of golf.

Going golfing with other professionals or entrepreneurs guarantees you a few hours to connect with them. One of the biggest benefits of networking while you golf is that the significant downtime will allow you to get to know the professionals you’re with on a personal level.

Of course, golfing is a lot of fun too. Whether you’re a dedicated golf enthusiast, or a casual player that just enjoys hitting the green a few times per year; here are 5 coworking spaces that’ll offer you easy access to world-class golf courses.

theClubhou.se (Augusta, Georgia, USA)


TheClubhou.se Coworking space

TheClubhou.se is a nonprofit, business, and community incubator for creatives, entrepreneurs, startups, and independent professionals. Monthly memberships are available, as well as day passes if you’re just passing through Augusta.

Memberships include high speed internet, standard office supplies, and invites to events held exclusively for coworking members. theClubhou.se offers a laid back work environment that may be refreshing if you’ve had to endure too many uptight office jobs in the past.

Becoming a member of theClubhou.se will also allow you to exchange ideas with some of Augusta’s brightest minds, accelerating your professional development. Because community members work in diverse industries, it’s common for community members to trade skills or share their expertise with others.

The other big benefit of working from this coworking space is that you’ll be just 10 minutes from the world famous Augusta National. A staggeringly beautiful course, there’s a reason Augusta National is considered by many to be one of the world’s top 5 golf courses.

844 Executive Co (Melbourne, Australia)

844 Executive Co coworking space

Melbourne isn’t known for being cheap. The city is well worth the cost, however, if you appreciate upscale living. During the days you’ll be able to hustle at the elegant 844 Executive Co coworking space.

While this coworking space’s name isn’t flashy, you’re guaranteed to have a delightful experience in the work area. Sleek silver tables, comfortable chairs, and a spacious work environment offer you one of Melbourne’s classier workspaces.

Given 844 Executive Co’s modern design and amenities, it’s no wonder you’ll be surrounded by good company. True to its name, the coworking space attracts many high-level executives. Networking opportunities are abundant as a member of 844 Executive Co.

Plus, if you’re scared these corporate big shots won’t listen to a word out of your mouth, don’t worry. Here’s the secret: Just invite them to a quick round of golf over at the Royal Melbourne Gold Club. It’s less than 10 minutes away from the coworking space by car.

The course is fast-running and a brilliant experience for both seasoned professionals and golfing newbies. Reserve 18 holes for a foursome at 844 Executive Co, and you’ll be amazed at the potential for intimidating corporate executives to transform into some of your closest coworking friends.

25N Coworking (Geneva, Illinois, USA)

25N Coworking Space

25N Coworking is located in Geneva, Illinois. This is the perfect coworking space if you enjoy countryside living while still having easy access to a large city nearby (Chicago is 40 minutes away). The 25N coworking space is also less than 20 minutes from the famous Chicago Golf Club located in Wheaton, Illinois.

The course is known as being the nation’s first 18-hole golf course, and a past US Open host. Needless to say, a thoroughly satisfying golfing experience awaits visitors to the Chicago Golf Club.

Apart from its convenient location, 25N Coworking also offers members a gorgeous interior. The workspace features a spacious design with several ergonomic seating options. Free coffee along with a stable, yet speedy internet connection are also available to help you crush your todo list.

While golf breaks are a great way to break up a long day of work, 25N Coworking understands it’s not always practical to take several hours off in the middle of the day.

When you’re facing a packed schedule, however, you’ll still be able to clear your mind with lunch on the outdoor patio. Nothing recharges one’s batteries like the USA’s Midwest countryside fresh air.

If work/life balance is a priority for you, 25N Coworking is a great place to develop professionally without feeling as if you’ve sold your soul to your career.

Space Alpha Sanomiya (Kobe, Japan)

Space Alpha Sanomiya is one of Kobe, Japan’s more reputable coworking spaces. Space Alpha also delivers Japanese quality without the often painful Japanese price tag. Monthly access to the coworking space costs 9000 Yen (~80USD) while day passes go for just 1000 Yen (~9USD).  

The coworking area features 30 seats across a variety of seating options. Whether you prefer working from a desk, counter, or sofa, you’ll find yourself comfortable. An on-site cafe offers the caffeine you need to feel energized. Meanwhile, amenities such as an outdoor terrace, copy machine, and printer are waiting on standby until the moment you need them. Open from 10AM-7PM, Space Alpha Sanomiya has everything you need for a productive day of work.

Space Alpha Sanomiya coworking space

Space Alpha Sanomiya

Best of all, when work becomes overwhelming you’re never far from a great game of golf. The Hirono Golf Club is located less than 40 minutes from the coworking space. Now 85 years old, the course is famous for its strategically placed unforgiving bunkers.


Coworkshop(Paris, France)

Located in Paris, Coworkshop is one of our favorite coworking spaces because of its incredibly flexible memberships. Whether you’d like to stay for a month, a day, or even a single hour; Coworkshop has a membership plan for you. This flexibility makes Coworkshop a perfect workplace for both full-time coworking members, as well as home office workers simply trying to get out of the house once in a while.

Coworkshop Coworking Space


As far as the work environment itself… Coworkshop’s vibe screams concentrated coffee shop. While far from a soulless drab cubicle, Coworkshop also avoids the unnecessary background gossip that cafe workers must so often endure. Any discussions in the coworking area are quiet and strictly related to work.

With free coffee/tea, standing desks, and reprography services, Coworkshop also includes to support your productive output. Equally notable is Coworkshop’s convenient location. Located near two major train stations, you’ll have the opportunity to easily commute to London, Berlin, Amsterdam, and other major international business hubs.

Apart from the draw of Paris itself, Coworkshop is also just 40 miles from the famous Morfontaine golf course. Hidden in a forested area a short commute north of Paris lies a charming golf course said to be General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s favorite. If you’ve ever wanted to escape the chaos of Paris for a secluded golf paradise, Morfontaine is exactly the heavenly destination you’ve dreamed of.

All in all, Coworkshop has to be one of the most underrated coworking spaces in Paris. It boast all the draws of coworking in Paris at a surprisingly affordable price. Yet, it also offers easy access to international business hubs and one of the world’s top 50 golf courses.


While these are our personal favorite coworking spaces near world famous golf courses, we’ve surely missed some great combinations. Where do you cowork and golf? Do you golf with coworkers to help develop your relationships with them? We’d love to hear your experiences. Let us know in the comments!