It’s almost impossible to be productive without a structured work routine. In fact, some of the world’s top performers take this to an almost robotic extent. Mark Zuckerberg is known to wear the same shirt — every single day.

Other professionals choose to work from the same coffee shop each day or listen to the same song before working as a way to prepare themselves to be focused and creative on their projects. It’s important to have regular work patterns to conserve willpower for the important decisions in your career or business.

With that being said, our work routines can grow stale over time. The same patterns that were once conducive to creativity can actually become crippling as we become bored of the same stimuli.

While work in 2018 and beyond may require us to always be connected, it doesn’t require us to connect in the same way each day. If you feel your work routine has gotten stale, the best way to break the monotony is to take a coworking vacation.

Whether you choose to work from the beach, a rural village or a ski resort, occasionally switching things up can do wonders for your motivation and creativity. Here are 4 different places you can cowork from that’ll rejuvenate your work routine and make you feel excited about work again.

NomadLife — The Beach Getaway

The NomadLife coworking space in San Juan, Nicaragua is adored by many for countless reasons. For one, it’s just a short stroll from the beach. The breathtaking views of the ocean at sunset will miraculously melt your stress away.

The energetic coworking community often gathers on the beach to exercise as well. Some members calmly practice yoga; some battle it out in games of beach volleyball; others do strength training or take a shuttle to another nearby beach for surfing. Regardless of your tastes, you’ll be sure to find a friend that enjoys the same activity as you.


While the beach activities are some of the biggest perks of working at NomadLife, the community spends just as much time working. The coworking space has dependable fiber-optic wifi and an extra generator to keep you productive — even when the rest of the town is dealing with power outages.

A chef is also located on-site and can prepare affordable meals for you while you work. Community members often enjoy family-style meals together. Because the community consists of members with diverse skill sets, you’ll learn something new at dinner almost every night.

Since so many people have enjoyed their stay at NomadLife, the space has even introduced co-living options. Whether you’re staying for a week or you’d like to extend your coworking vacation to an entire month (or longer!), San Juan offers incredible beaches and views that’ll inspire you in both your personal and professional life.

River Coworks — The Ski Slope Resort

The small snowy town of Basalt, Colorado is one of the premier ski resort destinations in the U.S. and is situated in Colorado’s beautiful countryside.

Far more affordable than Denver and just 25 minutes from Aspen, Basalt offers access to some of the top slopes in the U.S. at a price that won’t break the bank.

Best of all, Basalt is also home to an incredible coworking space. River Coworks is a highly rated coworking spaces for many reasons. While offering easy access to the mountains for winter sports enthusiasts, a membership at River Coworks also includes much more.

River Coworks

Members enjoy excellent infrastructure, including internet that’s both blazing fast and reliable. You’ll have no difficulties downloading, uploading, streaming or calling any of your clients, no matter where they are in the world.

In addition, River Coworks offers members a laundry list of other perks. Comfortable chairs and excellent hot coffee are just the beginning. More importantly, you’ll gain access to a friendly and inspirational community.

If you find yourself in a professional rut–fear not. River Coworks has a diverse membership base that includes accountants, startups, entrepreneurs and more. It’s virtually guaranteed that you’ll feel refreshed after a week or two hustling in the mountains alongside this incredible coworking community.

Coconat — Rural Escape

While the big city life in Tokyo, London or NYC is exciting, it can become draining after a while. Following months of sensory overload, you’ll inevitably be looking for an escape. Look no further. Bad Belzig, Germany is about as far from being a chaotic city as it gets. With a population of 11,000, the town is small, remote and peaceful.


Yet, the small population is still large enough to warrant the infrastructure you need to maintain productivity during your coworking vacation. Bad Belzig is home to Coconat, a coworking space that prides itself on being the best place for professionals to escape the traffic, noise pollution and poor air quality that often plague large cities.

Coconat is a workplace where you can walk outside and be greeted by birds chirping and fluttering overhead, rather than smog or honking vehicles. While located in the countryside, Coconat has everything an ambitious entrepreneur or independent professional needs to thrive.

Super fast wifi, the ability to network with individuals from diverse professional backgrounds and a spacious work environment are the staples of a coworking membership at Coconat. Plus, Coconat offers pretty sweet extras in its community dinners, group hikes and opportunities to go canoeing.

Safe to say, a few weeks at Camp Coconat working and taking in the forest vibes will have you feeling complete revitalized.

COWORX — Vineyard Vacation

Nature isn’t necessarily for everyone. If you are the type of person that doesn’t get much out of being surrounded by nature, a glass of world-class wine is likely to reawaken your creativity. Fortunately, Biel, Switzerland is famous for its excellent wines.

Coworking from Biel will offer you abundant opportunities to enjoy the region’s best wines while  appreciating picturesque views of the vineyards surrounding nearby Lake Biel.


Apart from its wine and vineyards, the charming city of Biel is home to the phenomenal COWORX coworking space. COWORX gathers local professionals, startup founders and entrepreneurs for networking opportunities and conversations that are just as stimulating as Biel’s top wines.

In addition to its community, a membership at COWORX includes a sleek work environment, fast wifi, a kitchenette and a coffee machine to keep you fueled.

While Biel is fairly expensive, the cost of living is to be expected from a classy vineyard vacation destination with excellent infrastructure and networking opportunities.


In 2018, reenergizing yourself from an overly repetitive work regime no longer requires you to cast your work aside and fall behind. In fact, the inspiration you derive from a visit to one of these coworking destinations may even propel you ahead of schedule!