Located just 25 kilometers southeast of New Delhi, the planned city of Noida boasts the highest per capita income in all of India. Despite this abundance of wealth, however, Noida remains an affordable city to live in.

Noida is also home to a number of excellent universities which contribute greatly to the city’s talented workforce.

Together, these factors have led to Noida developing one of the highest quality startup scenes in India. In fact, Noida has even become a hotspot for software and mobile app development companies such as Samsung, and HCL Technologies.

Apart from being a great city for professionals and entrepreneurs, Noida is also a surprisingly pleasant city to live in. While most large cities in India have severe air pollution problems, the air in Noida remains fresh.

This is because Noida is considered to be the greenest city in India, with about half of the entire city covered in trees. If you’re someone who craves a daily connection to nature while still enjoying the exotic sights and smells of India, Noida is the place for you.

Noida is no stranger to entertainment either. The city is one of India’s entertainment hubs with a number of movies, television series, and news channels being filmed in Noida. Noida also houses a number of excellent malls, Hindu temples, and even a golf course.

Now that you see why Noida is considered by many to be India’s most desirable city to live in, it shouldn’t be a surprise why professionals and entrepreneurs are flocking to Noida.

If you’d like to get in on the action, keep reading to see our 4 best coworking spaces in Noida!

Aspire Labs is a spacious coworking space with lots of natural sunlight and an attractive interior. With such a comfortable environment, you’ll feel excited to come to work each day.

Aspire Labs also provides a long list of facilities to help you maximize your coworking experience. From unlimited coffee/tea/water, to centralized air conditioning, a library, high speed internet, printing/scanning, meeting rooms and more, Aspire Labs’ biggest aspirations is helping you become more productive.

Some other benefits included with your coworking membership include a personal locker, 24/7 security, and relaxation areas to refresh your mind. Of course, the most valuable thing at any coworking space isn’t a thing — it’s the people.

At Aspire Labs you’ll be surrounded by dozens of other young entrepreneurs, experts, and local professionals. Not only will you have the opportunity to build friendships with other members of the community, you’ll also be able to brainstorm and receive guidance from them at Aspire Labs’ many community events.

While Aspire Labs’ coworking memberships aren’t the cheapest in Noida (they’ll set you back around 10,000 Indian Rupees per person), Aspire Labs does provide a premium coworking experience and community most other spaces in Noida simply can’t match.

Feeling isolated while working home is something many freelancers and entrepreneurs experience. Working at home can also make it difficult for you to separate your personal and professional life. As a result, it’s very popular for independent professionals to work at coffee shops.

The only problem is that most coffee shops either don’t welcome people who’d like to camp their all day doing work, or the coffee shop is simply too noisy to effectively get work done. If you can relate with the experience of waking up in the morning and wondering which coffee shop you should work at, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, WorkWings will prevent you from ever having to ask that question again. WorkWings offers the social environment of a coffee shop, without all the accompanying distractions.

In fact, the desks at WorkWings were even strategically placed to make it easy for you to get second opinions from your coworkers. If your project requires meeting clients or a deep brainstorming session with your team, you’ll find the space’s fully equipped meeting room serves you well.

During break times, the clean cafeteria and thrilling game room are great places to refresh yourself. Overall, if you’re an extrovert looking for an affordable work environment that places an emphasis on community and social interactions, you’ll love being a member of WorkWings.

91springboard is a popular coworking chain that has spaces in Delhi, Mumbai, Panjim, and now Noida. Having just recently opened, 91springboard Sector 1 is a modern coworking space located in one of Noida’s most dynamic neighborhoods.

While it has the appearance of an average building from the outside, walk through the doors of 91springboard and you’ll be greeted with a vibrant interior design and the sight of endless innovations in the making.

With the perfect co-sharing system, there’s a reason countless entrepreneurs and startups base themselves out of 91springboard.

Whether you need access to a computer, monitor, the photocopying/printing/scanning services, free beverages, or even the foosball table, you’ll find everything you need as a budding entrepreneur is available to you.

This coworking space also has a Skype room for taking calls and a meeting room for taking clients. Best of all, 91springboard Sector 1 has both hot desks and dedicated desks.

You can choose whichever working style suits you best. Either way, you’ll enjoy the space’s ergonomic furniture.

Click here to get a free day of coworking at 91springboard Sector 1.
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Unboxed Coworking is a coworking space in Noida created to establish a community of people who work independently, but that would like to draw from the synergy of a shared social space. The space’s community consists of several emerging startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

Unboxed Coworking has several nice features. The first is that the space has meeting rooms available on each floor. This gives you a lot of flexibility in planning your meetings.

Another great thing about Unboxed Coworking is that the space has tea, snacks, and meals available all day and well into the evening. Unboxed Coworking is also a green space due to an abundance of plantation outside the building. These two elements combine to make it easy to achieve uninterrupted flow states while working at Unboxed.

Best of all, Unboxed Coworking offers an unparalleled level of service. You can feel comfortable working each day knowing that any office issues you may encounter will be quickly dealt with by Tejeshwi and Nilesh (the co-founders of Unboxed), or other staff members.

Coworking in Noida Conclusion
As you can see, there are no shortage of excellent coworking spaces in Noida. In fact, the four coworking spaces we’ve written about here are just a small fraction of Noida’s coworking scene. For a full list of coworking spaces in Noida, click here.