After a long week of work there are countless ways you could relax. You could meditate, do yoga, get a massage, or just chill out with friends. For the most part, these activities can be done just about anywhere.

Some activities such as skiing, golfing, and wine tasting, however, are known to be better in certain regions. If you’ve ever wondered the best places to enjoy fine wines and winery visits without falling behind on your work; you’ll be happy to know we’re covering exactly that in today’s post on the best 4 coworking spaces in wine country.


Coworking Spaces in Wine Country

Workingplace Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux, France is a port city and one of the most famous wine-growing regions in the world. Whether you’re looking for a casual table wine or one of the world’s most prestigious bottles of wine, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in Bordeaux. We recommend joining a Bordeaux wine tour to experience the best of the lush vineyards just outside the city. With elegant tasting rooms, and some of the finest wines in the world, your money will be well spent.

Of course, you can’t spend money before earning it. Fortunately, Bordeaux has an innovative coworking community. One of our preferred spaces to work from is WorkingPlace. Hosted in an old building that was recently renovated, WorkingPlace is a coworking space with a grounding atmosphere smack dab in the middle of Bordeaux.

Apart from being housed in a historic building, another aspect that contributes to the charm of this coworking space is the work environment. The coworking area is quiet, with just enough whispering for an ambient atmosphere that pushes you forward as you feel your peers hustling alongside you.

Plus amenities such as lighting fast wi-fi, ergonomic furniture, private meeting rooms, and 24/7 access are also available to support you. Perhaps the most lovable part about WorkingPlace is its community. The community is friendly without being needy or overly noisy.

Whether you’d like to stay in your own bubble or grab lunch and collaborate with others on a daily basis, you’ll find your fellow coworkers accommodating. Safe to say, WorkingPlace is a great place to work in one of the world’s premier wine destinations.

Tribu Coworking

Coworking Spaces in Wine Country

Tribu Coworking Space

Tribu Coworking is a collaborative coworking space for entrepreneurs and independent professionals. This space is located in the fairly small city of San Rafael (population ~170,000), in the southern part of Argentina’s Mendoza Province.

Located in the heart of San Rafael, Tribu Coworking is surrounded by a beautiful park as well as several restaurants and supermarkets. The coworking area is spacious with a quiet atmosphere conducive to productive output.

Along with a generous use of heating and air conditioning, Tribu Coworking also has an excellent internet connection. Free drinks such as coffee and tea are available to keep you hydrated and energized too! Tribu Coworking’s affordable monthly memberships allow you to keep more money in your pocket or splurge for a private office or meeting room when you need them.

After a long week of grinding at Tribu, you’ll likely feel pretty tired out. The good news is that San Rafael is famous for its prolific vineyards on the outskirts of the city. As a whole, the Mendoza province of Argentina is famous for the world’s most highly rated Malbecs.

From small wineries to huge production facilities, you’ll have a myriad of wine destinations to visit. After a particularly productive week of work you could even reward yourself with a wine tour that would visit up to four wineries in a single day. Buena idea amiga!

Outsite Sonoma Retreats

Coworking Space in Wine Country

Outsite Sonoma Retreats Coworking

Outsite Sonoma Retreats has an ideal location for a weekend getaway. Positioned just an hour north of San Francisco and 1 hour south of Sacramento, you’ll find it only takes a short leisurely ride to reach Sonoma Valley’s Outsite Sonoma Retreats. Is the commute worth it? Easily.

This house was built to inspire individuals to collaborate and innovate with others. The coworking area features all the facilities you’d expect from an office and more. Basic amenities such as wi-fi, a spacious work environment, and comfortable seating are a given. Outsite features more luxurious offerings as well.

A barbecue area and hot tub are available for relaxing with housemates. A gourmet kitchen is also available for preparing healthy meals. Best of all, outside the house creeks peacefully flow into a tranquil pond; giving you the perfect opportunity to meditate or gain perspective on recent events.

Outsite Sonoma Retreat is the perfect coworking space for escaping the chaos of Californian cities or gathering your team together for some team building. And because we know you were wondering, Sonoma Valley does have some opportunities for exclusive wine tasting opportunities.

In fact, because Sonoma is overshadowed by its neighbor Napa Valley, the region is often overlooked. This makes it easier for to avoid the crowds as you taste prestigious wines across the county’s more than 400 wineries.

Bonus Tip: Sonoma County is also famous for its buzzing farmers’ markets, miles of hiking trails, and its ziplining and kayaking opportunities.

Centro de LA RIOJA

Coworking Space in Wine Country

Centro de LA RIOJA Coworking Space

Having grown grapes for centuries and being home to more than 500 wineries, it’s no surprise  Spain’s province of La Rioja is a famous destination for wine lovers. While countless unforgettable experiences are available in this region of northern Spain, there’s one adventure in particular you shouldn’t miss.

The world’s most famous winery hotel, Marqués de Riscal is just a couple kilometers outside La Rioja. With its mind-blowing wines and the hotel’s 1860 Restaurant featuring a 21-course meal, a night at Marqués de Riscal is a night you’ll never forget. As you would expect, such a luxurious experience won’t come cheap.

Fortunately, once you check-out, an excellent coworking space is just 20 minutes from Marqués de Riscal. Centro de LA RIOJA is a coworking space located in the town of Logroño within the province of La Rioja. Centro de LA RIOJA is one of Spain’s cozier coworking spaces.

With comfortable chairs, desks, and beanbags, you’ll feel right at home in the coworking area. Members also enjoy a speedy internet connection, printing/copying equipment, and cleaning services. Best of all, LA RIOJA is home to a diverse network of ambitious professionals.

Becoming a member of LA RIOJA not only ensures you’ll work productively in the coworking area, doing so also provides you with excellent networking opportunities with intelligent professionals from a variety of industries.

Plus, even if your budget isn’t flexible enough to spend time at luxury resorts like Marqués de Risca, you’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy visiting some of the hundreds of nearby wineries and sampling delicious wines with your new coworking friends.


It’s hard to go wrong with wining and dining. As a hustler you can do even better, however. To introduce more creativity into your work, innovate and head to a coworking space for a day of wine and work today!