Ask someone for their recommendations for a place to cowork from and you’re likely to hear Saigon, Berlin, NYC, or Chiang Mai. While these cities are fantastic destinations for coworking, the conversation shouldn’t end with them. In fact, some of the best potential coworking destinations are the cities you haven’t heard of.

Whether you’re looking a new city to explore or searching for business opportunities that have been overlooked by your competition, here are four cities you need to try coworking from.

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Why You Check Should The City Out: While you’ve probably never heard of Taoyuan, Taiwan, you’ve surely heard of Taipei. If you’ve ever been to Taipei, you may have even unknowingly passed through Taoyuan as it hosts the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE). Despite being the fifth largest city in Taiwan, Taoyuan is often overlooked by professionals due to Taipei.

There are a lot of reasons to pay attention to Taoyuan, however. Taoyuan City offers startups and entrepreneurs excellent access to large manufacturing companies. Huge companies such as Quanta, MiTAC, and HTC all have factories in Taoyuan. Hanging around the city will give ample opportunities for you to form relationships with key decision makers at these companies.

From a lifestyle perspective, Taoyuan has a large foreign population and an excellent food scene. The city is famous for its popcorn chicken and boasts easy access to Taipei without Taipei’s expensive rents.

Recommended Coworking Space: Having led the entire country in industrial output for the last decade, Taoyuan is no stranger to producing excellent work. If you plan to operate in Taoyuan, we’d recommended using Genesis Creators Space as a base to launch your next project. The professionals at Genesis are well educated. You’ll find your fellow coworking members include a number of filmmakers, graphic designers, and entrepreneurs.

Genesis Creators Space

Genesis Creators Space


If you’re looking to have your creativity inspired, the community as Genesis will surely help. You’ll also enjoy working at the Genesis Creators Space because of its spacious work environment and sleek interior. Finally, the coworking space is conveniently located just five minutes from the Taiwan Taoyuan HSR Station.

 Toulouse, France

Why You Check Should The City Out: Foreigners typically think of Toulouse as a holiday destination — if they’ve ever even heard of Toulouse before. French locals see the city in a different way, however.

Toulouse may be the most adored city in France today. Located in the southwestern part of the country, Toulouse is France’s fourth largest city. The city’s economy has experienced the greatest growth in France over the last decade. Unique business opportunities are available due to Toulouse being the leader of the European aerospace industry.

Yet, Toulouse has many things to offer entrepreneurs, and independent professionals even if they are not working in the aerospace industry. Toulouse has one of France’s largest student populations. This makes it affordable for you to hire talent. The city also offers nice lifestyle perks such as excellent air quality and being just an hour away from the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

Recommended Coworking Space: While Toulouse has a handful of quality coworking spaces, one that obviously stands out is HarryCow. HarryCow’s USP (unique selling proposition) extends far beyond its silly name, however.

This coworking space is hosted in a unique venue that appeals to the senses. The spacious coworking area has an ambient environment with beautiful rock walls. Harrycow also regularly hosts networking and educational events for its members. Whether you are into digital marketing, social exercises, or insights from experts into new rising technologies, you’ll surely enjoy Harrycow’s community events.


HarryCow’s Coworking Spaces

The coworking space’s memberships plans are flexible in giving you freedom to choose when and how often you’d like to work from Harrycow. Both shared work areas and private offices are available to suit your budget and style of work. If you’re looking to join an efficient work ecosystem in a city with an excellent lifestyle, Harrycow is well worth your visit.

Cork, Ireland

Why You Check Should The City Out:

While you’ve probably surely heard about the friendliness of the people in Ireland’s capital Dublin, Cork is an Irish city virtually unknown to foreigners. With a population just under 130,000, Cork offers a more relaxed pace of life than Dublin. Despite its relatively small size, Cork is one of the world’s leading innovators in synthetics biology. The city also has several dozen startups, and an incubator as well.

The Ignite incubator offers €5,000 to €15,000 of seed money to 10 or so startups each year. The active startup ecosystem along with an affordable cost of living makes Cork an excellent potential base for launching your startup or building your team.

On the lifestyle front, Cork has a charming city center due to its diverse architecture. Old medieval buildings stand alongside modern shopping centers. The city center is also walkable with a beautiful harbor. The harbor also presents unique opportunities for those in the import/export business.

Recommended Coworking Space: Until very recently, it was difficult to find a place to work in Cork without the long leases that accompany traditional office rentals. Fortunately, things have changed. These days Cork has a handful of solid coworking spaces.

In particular, we’d recommend visiting the Republic of Work coworking space. You’ll find you’re in good company whether you are trying to launch a startup, scale a business, or simply land new clients for your freelancing career. Innovation is a priority at the Republic of Work, and you’ll find yourself drawing inspiration from the space’s ambitious community.

Republic of Work coworking space.

Republic of Work coworking space

You’ll also appreciate the Republic of Work’s flexible facilities that are capable of accommodating everyone from individual professionals, to large corporate teams. On a daily basis the coworking areas are spacious enough to prevent you from feeling cramped and constrained with your thoughts. Meanwhile, the business lounge is perfect for casual meetings.

 Surabaya, Indonesia

Why You Check Should The City Out: Name us a city in Indonesia besides Jakarta (Bali doesn’t count!). Despite being one of the world’s largest countries, most of us know surprisingly little about Indonesia. While Jakarta and Bali are probably the most touristed destinations in Indonesia, they aren’t without their problems. Jakarta suffers from poor air quality, while some argue that Bali is just too touristy.

Enter Surabaya. The second largest city in Indonesia, Surabaya offers all the excitement of Jakarta without the choking air. Along with its excellent international airport, Surabaya also houses some 3 million residents. You’ll have the opportunity to meet many of the city’s most talented locals in and around Surabaya’s several coworking spaces.

With local wages remaining low relative to international standards, you may be surprised at how affordable it is for you to hire quality help for your business. Best of all, Surabaya is one of the most livable cities in Indonesia.

While it has the amenities of a mega metropolis such as a Galaxy Mall which hosts some 400 stores, Surabaya also has a relaxed vibe. And why wouldn’t it? With a warm tropical climate, low cost of living, and opportunities for peaceful strolls along a beautiful waterfront, Surabaya offers all the lifestyle perks one could want.

If you’re looking for somewhere to maximize your professional success while enjoying your journey to the top, Surabaya is definitely a city you need to check out.

Recommended Coworking Space: C2O Library & Collabtive is one of our favorite spaces in Surabaya for several reasons. First of all, your C2O coworking membership includes an excellent range of amenities. Blazing fast wi-fi, reprography services, a fully equipped meeting room, and a library with more than 7,000 physical books are some of the more popular offerings you’ll enjoy.

 C2O Library & Collabtive

C2O Library & Collabtive

A membership at C2O Library & Collabtive will also give you abundant networking opportunities. Collaborations and skill sharing sessions are a seemingly daily occurrence at C2O. Workshops and other community events are also regularly hosted by the space. With its affordable rates and flexible membership plans, C2O is an excellent value coworking space.