Hey everyone! Phew, what a year.

In case you don’t know us yet, Coworker.com is the global platform to find, book & review places to cowork. This includes desks, offices & meeting rooms in small independent coworking spaces like Hubud in Bali to large networks like WeWork in San Francisco. Depending on what the space offers, you can book from as little as 1 hour to as long as 1 year (and beyond!).

2018 was pretty crazy — we moved fast, broke stuff, built stuff, rebuilt stuff, learned a lot and became stronger through it all.

Our mission to connect everyone in the world with their perfect coworking space remains as powerful as ever, and we’re mega excited about what’s coming next.

But that’s for another day.

Let’s take a look here at how 2018 went…

3945 NEW coworking spaces joined Coworker.

We now have over 10,000 coworking space partners across 165 countries.

The number of coworking spaces has grown steadily over the past 2 years


Over 1 million people used Coworker to search for coworking space.

178% annual growth rate, all organic traffic.


Coworker sent 45,061 leads & bookings to coworking spaces around the world.

258% annual growth rate


Over USD $2.9 million booking requests were sent (GMV)

246% annual growth rate


Annual revenue increased by 2,628%

We don’t share revenue numbers publicly, but you can see things are getting interesting 🔥


Are you a coworking space manager? Here’s a few ways we’ve made Coworker even better for you in 2018….


1. We launched Coworker Pro

Coworking space marketing managers asked us for more features and ways to enhance their profile. So we’ve taken all the top requests and created the ultimate secret weapon for attracting more new members: Coworker Pro


2. You can view Analytics

You can now get access to more analytics including the number of people searching for coworking space in your city, the number of times your space was seen in the search results, and how many people visited your space’s profile on Coworker.


3. You can pin your favourite review

Make sure everyone checking out your coworking space sees the best review first.


4. You can see all your past and upcoming booking requests

You no longer have to dig through your emails to find all your past bookings — hurray! You can also export them to easily upload into your newsletter mailing list.


5. You can add hourly rates and long term discounts

We had no idea so many of you allowed for hourly hot-desk bookings! Thank you to everyone who told us and asked for this to be added.


6. You can add a TON more amenities

Seriously, a ton. People love to filter. Here’s just a handful of them…


7. We made it even easier to showcase your member reviews on your own website

Simply copy & paste the code onto your site (or contact your Coworker Account Manager — our concierge service will do it free of charge!)


Here’s a bunch of other things we did in 2018….


The Coworker Members’ Choice Awards were born!

With 56,000 votes from 26,000 unique people

(because why should TripAdvisor have all the fun?)

This ended up being great way to engage the community and highlight some of the coolest / most loved coworking spaces around the world.

Over 3500 spaces were nominated, and 1 winner was generated for each city based on a combination of votes and member reviews posted on Coworker.

Congratulations to all the 300+ winners!


We welcomed WeWork onto Coworker

Yes, it took us a while 😉


Our “meeting rooms in [city]” pages launched

We’ve still got a lot of SEO optimization to do on these, but now they’re live we are starting to rank them ahead of launching the full meeting room marketplace soon.

More than 1000 coworking spaces around the world now have their “Recommended on Coworker” window sticker up

Woohoo, they look great! Keep sending us your photos, everyone 🙂


Say hello to our new CTO (Chief Technical Officer)!

Paul is from Canada but has worked out of coworking spaces around the world, has 17+ years software engineering experience, brilliant communication skills, and ALLLL the banter. In a nutshell, the perfect person to lead our growing team of software engineers.


Our community managers Fern Namngoen & March Brenwall presented on stage at the Nomad Summit in Thailand

They gave a presentation on the “Top Coworking Spaces for Digital Nomads” and gave out over 200 Coworker Exclusive vouchers for free day passes for coworking spaces in Chiang Mai (a huge thank-you to all the coworking spaces who generously donated these!)


Our Director of Growth, Loshini Selvarajah, was a speaker at CUAsia’s Coworking Academy in Malaysia

She delivered a presentation on digital marketing for coworking spaces to hundreds of coworking space managers.

We also sponsored a cupcakes table at CUAsia

(because who doesn’t love cupcakes?)


I talked about our team & remote work at TechBBQ in Denmark

Showing off all the amazing people I have the privilege of working with every day. Lots of suits in the crowd, probably unimpressed with my snapback & ripped jeans 😉


Our Global Expansion Manager, Alex Nicorici, repped Coworker on the Nomad Cruise from Spain to Greece

We’re pretty well connected in the remote work community.


Our Director of Partnerships, Madison Maidment, & Global Expansion Manager, Valeria Velez, were at GCUC in NYC (the biggest event in the coworking industry)

Equipped with plenty of flyers to hand out about Coworker’s premium subscriptions.


And Madison & Alex represented Coworker at the major Coworking Europe conference in Amsterdam…


The BBC asked us for help

We got members of the Coworker community featured in a BBC World Service documentary called “Back from the Brink

Lifehacker featured us

This LifeHacker article came as a total surprise, and all the traffic actually crashed our site (we hired a DevOps specialist into the team after that)

We were trending on ProductHunt with Coworker 2.0

Someone hunted us! Again.

Jason Calacanis invited us to pitch on his This Week in Startups (TWIST) podcast

He’s a famous Angel investor in San Francisco.


Not me in the video thumbnail, but I’m the first speaker when you click play!


Coworker Hotspots pre-launched on BetaList

Although most of our 120,000+ / month users are looking for official coworking spaces, we know that there’s tons more people out there that we can help.

LOTS of people who work remotely actually work from home because they have a good setup, fast WiFi, easy access to their kitchen, etc.

But always working alone from home gets super lonely.

And in local neighbourhoods, there are often thousands of people working alone from home within just a small radius of each other!

So we thought, how can we help bring these people together?

And so the idea for enabling people to set up their own unofficial coworking “hotspots” in their own living rooms / dining rooms / garages (Steve Jobs style!) was born.

We’ll be rolling this out later in 2019 with a small beta community first before the official launch.

Phew, I think that covers most things from 2018! Stay tuned for big things happening in 2019 🙂