Everyone seems to be on social media nowadays. Most often if we want to know more about a person, their social media pages are usually a great place to start. Recruiters these days are taking advantage of social media to not only advertise their vacancies but also to know more about their candidates. Social media has proven to be a very important tool in the recruitment process. Here’s why.

1. Reaching The New Generation of Workers

It is becoming increasingly difficult not to find young people on social media. Everyone seems to be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. This makes social media a great place to find the new generation workers. Reaching them becomes very easy since a majority of them spend the bulk of their time on social media platforms. If you are out looking for workers who are well versed on all matters of technology, then you might want to try out social media.

2. Recruiting for a Particular Niche

Sometimes recruiters want to attract a specific type of worker for their company. Targeting that specific worker can be difficult if you place your ad on job boards since everyone might apply. Social media can help recruiters sift through all the people that apply by targeting a particular niche. A great way of finding niche specific workers is through LinkedIn or Facebook Groups. There are numerous groups for Medics, Engineers, or whatever job sector someone might want. Using these groups is a great way to narrow down your search for that ideal candidate. Additionally, social media can play a very important role in h finding workers overseas. If you are located in the US and what to hire workers from Europe, you can find them through different social media channels. In fact, according to Outsource2EU, Europe has one of the most talented workforce including but not limited to app developers, web developers, content writers, social media managers and many many more.

How Important Social Media is in the Recruitment Process


3. It’s an Easy Way to Reach Passive Candidates

Sometimes a person might be going through their social media and stumble upon an interesting job opportunity that they had no interest in applying for. To make it even more interesting, they may have all the required skill set and experience to carry out that job very well. If this is the case, then they may decide to try out this opportunity to see what happens. This is how easily social media can connect recruiters to great candidates who weren’t actively looking for that particular job. Social media helps HR Professionals reach their ideal candidates who had no clue or interest in applying with them.

4. It’s a Tool to Carry Out Background Checks

How Important Social Media is in the Recruitment Process

It is very vital for a recruiter to know what type of person they are bringing on board. What a better way to do so than through social media. Sometimes the person we see at the office is completely different from the person you will see on those social media platforms. You might be surprised by what our social media pages have to say about us. During the recruitment process, a candidate may not disclose some important things. Social media can help a recruiter find out these things. A candidate’s CV will show you their skills, experiences and their educational background, but it won’t show you their personality. Social media will help you find out if they properly align with your organization’s values and culture. What a person posts on their social media can say a lot about them. Employers can use that information to gauge if the candidate will be the perfect fit for them or not.

5. It is Cost Effective

Setting up social media pages is very fast and free. To get more people to follow your company’s page, you might opt to pay for advertising. Of course, paid Facebook and LinkedIn job posts cost money, but it is nothing compared to what companies sometimes pay to get their recruitment campaigns up and running. If a company happens to have a good number of followers already, they may not need to pay anything at all. Once people share your vacancies, information will automatically get out and reach an even greater number of people for free.

6. It Makes the Recruitment Process Very Simple

The recruitment process can be done live through social media. This helps to avoid long travels and complicated office appointments. Recruitment through social media also makes the process a bit friendly. It is a great way to make candidates feel comfortable. It helps make young and energetic candidates feel accepted. Having a social media page also helps showcase your company’s culture. The kind of content you share on your social media page tells people what goes on in your company. It portrays the kind of environment you have going on in your company. With time you get loyal followers who might be interested in working with you. This is all thanks to social media.

How Important Social Media is in the Recruitment Process

Using social media in the recruitment process is a unique way of finding great candidates especially if you get to reach the right audience. Social media is also an amazing way to offer life coaching training to those who need it. It is important for every person to embrace the use of social media because if done correctly, it has nothing but good things to offer.