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  • CoworkingNG

    Global Coworking Movement Finally Arrives in Lagos!

    The Coworking Conference is a global event that happens in major cities all over the world from London, Dublin and New York to Cape Town, Penang and Melbourne. And for the first time, it is here in Lagos! Global Coworking leading platforms, including DeskMag, Coworking Insights and Coworker, are collaborating with Venia Business Hub to […] More

  • Trending Hot

    Cowork Surf Panama

    Top Coworking Surf Locations in the World

    You may not know it yet but coworking and surfing go hand in hand. Surfing is fun, teaches patience and lets you get out of your head and into the ocean. Can you think of a better way to balance your workload than with a session in the water? Coworker has teamed up with CoWorkSurf, […] More

  • Hot

    Coworking Bansko

    Networking, Learning & Socializing in the Mountains – Freelance Weekend Bansko

    I’m writing this article in true digital nomad style; in a hammock under a big umbrella, because it’s too warm in the sun, surrounded by other location independent freelancers and entrepreneurs. Last weekend, ourselves, along with about 34 other people joined together for  ‘Freelance Weekend’, organized by Coworking Bansko. Coworking Bansko was founded by Uwe […] More

  • Trending Hot

    Challenge the 9-5

    Challenge the 9-5 Routine

    If you have full autonomy over your schedule, sometimes it can be easy to forget just how lucky you are. Everyday people leave their structured 9-5, punch-in-punch-out jobs to pursue their passion in hopes of their careers becoming a fulfilling part of their lives. No longer do you have to pretend to be busy, you […] More

  • Startupfest  2017

    Ticket Giveaway – Startupfest 2017

    The Coworker team is always looking for ways to help our community learn, network, scale up their businesses and of course, become inspired! This year we will be giving 2 lucky winners a free ticket to Startupfest, which will be held in Montreal, Canada, from July 12 -15th. What is Startupfest: Startupfest is the largest […] More

  • #WorkOutsideTheBox

    Do You Hustle? – 2017 Hustle Con Ticket Giveaway!

    Hey Hustlers! Cool news: we’re giving away 4 tickets for Hustle Con in California on June 23rd. There are some badass speakers this year, including Jen Rubio the Co-Founder of Away (they recently raised a $20 million Series B round for their sleek suitcases with a phone charger built in), Max Lytvyn the Founder of Grammarly (they recently raised […] More

  • goals - ROWE

    Why “A Players” Thrive In A Results Only Work Environment

    If you’re still working for a company that requires you to “clock in”, either by physically being in a certain location (like an office) or by using software like Toggl, we feel kind of bad for you. Because as Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt have explained quite eloquently in the Freakonomics books, incentives matter – […] More

  • Merkspace-6218

    NEW! Olympia Zone @ Merkspace : A Coworking Space & Innovation Center for Sports Entrepreneurs

    Sports & athletic-tech entrepreneurs, you might want to give your landlord notice and start packing your suitcase right now… Tel Aviv is now officially your new hotspot. Olympia Zone @ Merkspace has just opened in Tel Aviv as the first of its kind in the world… An innovation center specifically for sports entrepreneurs from around the globe, […] More

  • Colombia coworking

    Coworking In Colombia: 5 Spaces With Great Reviews

      Colombia is a beautiful country, filled with warm and good looking people, a delicious coffee culture, and some of the most amazing dance moves you’ll see this side of the Equator. However, one thing you may not know about Colombia: it has some amazing coworking options as well! Be aware that while you’re in […] More

  • Trending


    Coworking For Corporations: Why Microsoft and IBM Are Ditching The Office

    What would be the absolute LAST type of company you would expect to see in a coworking place? We’re guessing you said something like, “Well, I couldn’t see massive companies using coworking spaces too often”. After all, coworking is hip! It’s young! It’s for startups! Right? Not so fast. While most coworkers are probably freelancers, […] More

  • Trending

    Coworkers on the Beach

    5 Coworking Spaces Near the Beach in Thailand

    Although many of us love working in large metropolises, it’s easy to see how working in a concrete jungle like Saigon or Jakarta can wear you down over time. The chaos, traffic, and hustle are always exciting at first, but inevitably you crave change after a while. When the pollution of the big city gets […] More

  • Coworking Meeting

    The 5 Biggest Myths About Coworking Spaces

    Busting myths is such a fun format for blog posts, TV shows (Mythbusters anyone?) and podcasts for good reason. After seeing a few myths successfully proven wrong, you just feel smarter and more “in the know”. So today we’re going to use this beloved structure to tackle some of the objections people have about coworking […] More

  • The Hive Bangkok Rooftop

    5 Top Rated Coworking Spaces in Asia

    With thousands of coworking spaces in the world, it’d be impossible to ever try them all. It seems as soon as you visit one space, another one opens. This is perhaps more true in rapidly developing Asia than anywhere else. There’s so many excellent coworking spaces these days in countries like Thailand and Vietnam, that […] More

  • landspace

    5 Rural Escapes In Europe For A Remote Work Retreat

    Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all. You know – the everyday routines of your normal life. Your normal friend groups, your normal thought patterns, and your normal working locations. Don’t get us wrong – habits can be very powerful. And as a wise man once said, “routine, in an intelligent (person), […] More

  • images

    5 Rural Escape Coworking Spaces in the US

    The chaos and community of a huge metropolis are great, until they aren’t. Living in a hyperactive city like Saigon or New York has that go-go-go vibe in the air and a collective hustle that can help you drive growth in your business. Unfortunately, the excessive stimulation can also wear down your senses over time. […] More

  • 2

    Meet The Farm SoHo – Where Innovation and Style Go Hand in Hand

    The Farm SoHo is a coworking juxtaposition. It’s situated in New York’s dense Manhattan district but offers 5,000 sq. ft of loft space. It features Americana-inspired decor crammed with the latest tech. It’s bringing together nerds and hipsters to create an awesome community. We caught up with The Farm Coworking to find out more about […] More

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    5 Coworking Spaces With Co-Living Accomodation in Asia

    One of the main difficulties of living an unconventional lifestyle is finding other people that can relate with you. Whether you’re a business owner that’s lived in Thailand for 10 years, or a nomadic entrepreneur bouncing from country to country each month, it can be hard to find people that get it. Building an ambitious […] More

  • Trending Hot Popular


    6 of The Most Reviewed Coworking Spaces In Southeast Asia

    Coworking at this point in time, is still a bit of a niche movement. But there’s no denying that this movement is vital – alive and growing. And Coworker is growing along with it. We recently added some new search categories on the site to let you filter coworking locations by criteria like: Near the […] More

  • Trending Popular

    Credit- LIVINcollective.jpg

    Meet the California Couple Who Runs a Workspace in Nha Trang, Vietnam

    Marian Galam and Kane Ho, both raised in the United States, own and operate LIVINcollective, located in the heart of Nha Trang, Vietnam. The three-part space features a courtyard restaurant with an American-influenced menu, a “concept store” that gives up-and-coming designers and artists the opportunity to show off their work, and a coworking/creative space. “It’s […] More

  • maxresdefault

    Coworking in Ski Country and the New Mountain Alliance

    Where do you go when you can be and work from anywhere? It’s a question that tickles the nearly 10 million “digital nomads” that are now scouring the globe looking for the best destination that suits their lifestyle. This winter, instead of heading to the tropical beaches of Thailand or Mexico, why not trade in […] More

  • Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 4.06.42 PM

    Enjoy a Day of Free Coworking in NYC, Boston and Chicago

    Want a free day of coworking in NYC, Boston or Chicago? FreshBooks are sponsoring a free coworking day on International Women’s Day followed by a screening of Dream, Girl – the critically acclaimed documentary promoting female entrepreneurship that premiered at The White House in 2016.   Here are the links to get a free ticket for […] More

  • 73295-640x360-london-skyline-ns

    9 Spaces In London To Grow Your Business

    Get out of your house and give yourself a proper desk to work from! If you’re an entrepreneur or a freelancer who is sick of working from home or leeching off the inadequately slow wifi at your local café, you need to check out this list of coworking spaces for you to work out of. […] More

  • 8

    WORK Saigon – What is everyone working on?

    During my trip to Vietnam, I ventured to WORK Saigon, a coworking space, creativity school and cafeteria in Ho Chi Minh City. WORK Saigon is different than most coworking spaces, since there isn’t an entrance fee. Instead, people who want to work here are simply asked to purchase something in the adjacent cafe, which features […] More

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