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Hillary Weiss is a brand voice strategist, copywriter and content writer, social media stand-up, The Wordshops DIY course creator, and all-around word badass. Since 2011, when she first transplanted from the sunny tropics of Florida to the icy winters of New York City, she has helped more than 500 brands become unmistakable, with words that speak their language and fit their phenomenal work.

With a background in public relations and marketing before she dove into the world of “wordlance for hire,” Hillary believes content has to be better than “good.” She lives this belief by leading brands to create evocative experiences with smart, succinct phrasing that blasts through the echo chamber of our digital universe.

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What You’ll Learn About Writing and Business This Week:

> Aligning yourself with the writers and entrepreneurs you admireHow to have your own voice and platform, and still make money

> Being your most genuine self when creating your writing voice

>What fan fiction can teach you about your brand strategy and unique writing style

> Building a solid client base out of referrals

> The importance of trusting and listening to yourself

Mentioned in This Episode (Links and Resources!):

> Alexandra Franzen


> Marie Forleo’s B-School


> Harry Potter

The Phantom of the Opera

> LiveJournal

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