Remote work has been around for a long time, but it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic when people were forced to work from home that the interest in coworking spiked drastically. Remote and hybrid work gradually became a norm for small and large-scale businesses.

Now, a new workspace model is coming on the scene, allowing people to get work done and burn calories all in the same location. This new trend of gym-coworking hybrid workspaces is quickly becoming popular among employees who want to capitalize on their productivity and physical activity during their workday.

According to James O’Riley, president of Life Time Work which offers one of the available gym-coworking hybrids, the work model is revolutionary.

He said that the idea to extend their gym into a comfortable gym-coworking hybrid came after they realized that some of their gym members liked to remote work in the lobby after working out.

Since studies have found that exercising makes it easier to handle work stress, gym-coworking hybrids are actually incredibly suitable for today’s workers, who value work-life balance above most else.

Let’s explore five ways workers can benefit from working and working out in the same flexible space: 

#1 – Workspace wellness

Workers in a gig economy must be healthy to continue being productive, and wellness and creativity go hand in hand. If you are not in a good head space, it might be difficult for you to think creatively and get your work done.

However, working in a gym-coworking environment helps to achieve a sound mind, promote physical wellness, and boost productivity. Unlike regular offices where little or no attention is not paid to mental and physical wellness, coworking gyms emphasize the importance of staying fit.

#2 – Reduced stress

It is harder to be stressed while working in a gym workspace. With the option to exercise during a break or period of down time, workers can destress and do yoga, meditate, or lift weights.

Gym-coworking hybrids give employees or teams the liberty to reduce work stress however and whenever it is needed. Exercising is known to help improve one’s mood and lower stress levels. So, imagine working in a place where you have unlimited access to exercise equipment — it’s bye-bye to work stress.

3. Network while you work out

The gym-coworking hybrid also allows employees to meet new people and expand their contact base. A coworking space essentially brings together workers from various fields. Though it may seem challenging to communicate with other teams, a gym-coworking environment encourages interaction.

Thanks to the interactive nature of exercising in a public space, employees can meet other people who share the similar interest of working out, which could lead to opportunities to collaborate on projects. Plus, gyms are often lively places, so there’s no need to worry about striking up a conversation.

4. Balance work and life

If you work remotely from home, it is easy to become so preoccupied with work that you neglect other important things. Over-involvement in your work can harm your mental health and affect your relationships.

As important as it is to work and earn a living, it is also essential to strike a balance. Gym-coworking enables employees to strike a balance between their health and their jobs by creating an environment where both pursuits are possible.

#5 – Develop a better attitude towards work

Stress can make you lose interest in your job, as sitting at your computer all day can be quite tedious and exhausting. You understand that mental and physical weakness stems from your day job, and slowly, you begin to dislike the job. This is usually the case for many people in the traditional work environment.

However, working from a gym-coworking hybrid allows you to move freely throughout the day. Whenever you feel tired, get up, go for a walk, shoot a few shots on the basketball court—do anything to relieve stress. You could also practice yoga or meditate. These activities will help you quickly reduce stress and help to develop a positive attitude toward work.