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Author: Cameron Chardukian

5 Amazing Coworking Spaces in Chicago

As someone that grew up in sports-crazed Wisconsin, I was conditioned from a young age to see people from Chicago as a type of rival. It didn’t matter whether those Chicagoans were fans of the Bears, Cubs, or Bulls. The way we saw it in Wisconsin, people from Chicago weren’t fans of us and we certainly weren’t fans of them. While you won’t see me cheering for a Chicago sports team anytime soon, I will admit to being a huge fan of their city. Chicago is one of the best cities in the world for young professionals in 2018....

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4 Coworking Spaces in Wine Country

After a long week of work there are countless ways you could relax. You could meditate, do yoga, get a massage, or just chill out with friends. For the most part, these activities can be done just about anywhere. Some activities such as skiing, golfing, and wine tasting, however, are known to be better in certain regions. If you’ve ever wondered the best places to enjoy fine wines and winery visits without falling behind on your work; you’ll be happy to know we’re covering exactly that in today’s post on the best 4 coworking spaces in wine country. WorkingPlace...

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4 Coworking Spaces with Access to Amazing Scuba Diving

Being an entrepreneur or working at a rapidly developing startup may be fulfilling, but it can also be exhausting. After a long week of go-go-go hustle, it’s common to feel depleted. When you lack energy, the easiest thing to do is zone out on Facebook or Youtube. We’ve all lost countless evenings that way. You may have noticed, however, that a night of mindlessly perusing the internet doesn’t leave you feeling very refreshed afterwards. Yet, after a night playing board games with friends or a day at the beach, you’re likely to feel deeply revitalized. Gray zoning — the...

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5 Coworking Spaces With Nap Rooms

The 3 p.m. crash is ubiquitous. Everyone recognizes the afternoon slump experienced after lunch. Your motivation declines, and doing anything beyond surfing Facebook seems like an insurmountable task. Some professionals choose to combat this by scheduling their most difficult tasks in the morning. Completing the most important yet cognitively draining tasks early in the morning is intelligent if your schedule offers you the flexibility to do so. Unfortunately, we don’t always have full control of our schedule. Sometimes important things come up in the afternoon. Sometimes, an impending deadline makes it necessary to focus deeply for the entire day....

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4 Coworking Spaces in Ski Country

There’s nothing sweeter than powdery snow for a skier. Freshly fallen snow makes for a perfect ride down the mountain. Unfortunately, in the past most office workers rarely had the privilege of enjoying a powdery morning of snow. By the time most 9-5ers got to the ski lift, the snow had already become cruddy and uneven. Or even worse, they’d be stuck in a polluted city far away from the mountains and even seeing the snow. Fortunately, times are changing. More and more employers are allowing their employees to work remotely. Equally important, the last few years have seen...

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