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Author: Cameron Chardukian

4 Coworking Spaces with the Coolest Amenities

In recent years, the popularity of coworking spaces has been growing at a dizzyingly fast pace. Now, there’s more options than ever before for places to cowork. Along with this increase in options has come an increase in expectations. In 2017, you’ll probably expect your coworking membership fee to provide much more than just a desk in a quiet room. Many coworking spaces these days are offering interesting amenities to entice new members. Meeting room usage, community events, and free coffee or tea are practically the expectation at this point. Yet, there’s also some coworking spaces that go above...

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Stop! Coworking Etiquette — How to Not Be “That Annoying Guy”

For many, understanding proper etiquette and having good manners in their coworking space isn’t something that comes naturally. Coworking etiquette isn’t something most of us have been taught. Moreover, the fairly transient nature of coworking spaces can make us less concerned with how we’re making others feel. Yet, there are countless benefits to being courteous in your coworking space. For one, respecting your coworkers will lead to them respecting you. This respect will make it a lot easier to befriend them or be offered referrals in the future. In addition, coworking spaces are a much more pleasant place to...

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F.O.C.U.S. — The John Lee Dumas Secret to Rapid Progress

If you enjoy podcasts and haven’t been frozen in a block of ice the last five years, you’ve surely heard of the Entrepreneur OnFire (EOFire) show. For those that have been frozen, however, EOFire is a hot daily podcast for entrepreneurs hosted by John Lee Dumas. The show interviews ambitious entrepreneurs (past guests have been Tony Robbins, Pat Flynn, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, etc.) to help listeners identify current trends in business as well as what being a successful hustler entails. Now famous for his highly rated podcast and brand that generates over $250,000/month in revenue, John Lee Dumas...

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Time Logs — 5 Minute Investment for 5+ Extra Hours of Productivity Each Week

There are a million and one resources to read to become more productive. It can be overwhelming. Plus, even if you managed to read all the great books and blogs, you’d still have millions of podcasts, audiobooks, videos, and courses waiting. Ironically, some people spend so much time consuming information from productivity gurus they actually become less productive. You don’t need to be overwhelmed. Overwhelmed means busy. Busy is not productive. The best work/life balance comes from getting to work, efficiently crushing your most important tasks, followed by leaving the office. Fortunately, shifting from busy bee to efficient entrepreneur...

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5 Reasons Having a Morning Routine is Liberating

Morning Routines — The Simple Secret to Success Human beings value freedom. We’re intrinsically motivated by autonomy. Perhaps just as much as financial compensation, we’re drawn towards careers and lifestyle businesses that provide us with control over our lives. Having the ability to choose where and when you work is incredibly liberating. Feeling tired? No problem, smash that snooze button. Want to work from bed or the beach? You can, just don’t forget to take some pictures for Instagram. Yet, as anyone who has worked remotely knows, having this amazing flexibility can backfire at times. Sand in your laptop,...

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