Where should you work?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer or small business owner considering taking up space in a coworking office  or even just need a great place to work for a day, you might want to consider one of these 8 Coworking spaces recommended by our coworkers

  1. I will go with Outpost in Ubud, Bali. It’s very cool and the view is amazing. They have a pool, too. – Ronny Hermosa
    Outpost Bali Coworking Space
  2. I love the Buristro Bar & Cafe in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It’s affordable, has awesome drinks and you can lounge on a sun-bed and take a dip in the pool in the late afternoon. What more could you want? – Jamie Atkinson
    Buristro Coworking Space
  3.    “Nectar” – a rural coworking space in the Les Guilleries mountains outside of Barcelona, Spain. It’s the most beautiful location and has the best conditions to really concentrate, since there is absolutely nothing around to distract you, except maybe the beauty of the surrounding nature. –Denise Yahrling
    Nectar Coworking Space
  4.  Publico Trabajo in Mexico City. (There are multiple locations but the one I’ve been to is on Muzquiz 15.) – Andrea Valeria
    Publico Coworking Space
  5. I had a pretty great experience in @CAT Penang. I met some super cool folks, and it’s a beautiful space with high ceilings and big windows overlooking the sea. Ko Lanta in Thailand also has a great coworking community and obviously great internet. – Grace O’Donnell
    @CAT penang Coworking SPace
  6. Hubud in Bali. Wild monkeys would occasionally wander over and play in the yard. I spent a month working there and never got tired of the sight. – Cat Coquillette
    Hubud Bali Coworking Space
  7. Phandeeyar, Yangon. Yangon is a big, smelly city with very little good internet available, which we really needed for our project. Phandeeyar is this oasis of young, inspiring people, a fresh environment with good internet and a ping pong table. – Irene Overtoom
    Phanvedaar Coworking Space
  8. I love Aspace in Manila! This coworking space offers an amazing culture. Everyone is smiling and friendly, people are really hardworking and you can see their effort and creativity to make the coworking place feel like home to everyone. They also do cool stuff together and host different events, which is a really great way to network. I’ve met a lot of great people from this space and made a real connection with them – Ira Luz Guevarra
    Aspace Coworking Space

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