The popularity of coworking spaces has been on the rise for some time now, and with businesses needing flexibility amid the pandemic, these workspaces are busier and more in demand than ever before.

For many people, a coworking space offers several perks over a conventional workspace—from the friendly, bustling environment to the convenience of a routine and added technology benefits.

But, there’s the worry for some that their productivity will dip if they head to a coworking environment. So, with that in mind, how can you ensure you’re staying on top of your to-dos while still taking advantage of a safe and well-designed coworking space?

Stick to a schedule

Self-discipline comes into play whenever productivity is mentioned, but it’s particularly important when it comes to working in a coworking space.

It’s all too easy for distractions to be an issue when you’re working around other people, especially those who aren’t working towards the shared goals of your company. 

There are several ways to stick to a schedule. You might be someone who benefits from writing a to-do list, using the likes of a bullet journal method to keep track of everything you need to get done, or you might be digitally-focused and require the use of kanban boards (visual project-management tools) and time-tracking apps to stay on track.

Whatever works for you, clearing your to-do list every day can give you a sense of job satisfaction and ensures you’re still hitting your deadlines. Also, sticking to a schedule means you don’t run over into someone else’s time if they’ve booked your space. 

A view of a coworking space.

Keep tidy

Studies that show that working in a tidy environment can do wonders for productivity. There’s nothing worse than trying to work on a project or a specific task and being demotivated by the chaos of paper, tech and waste wrappers all around you. It makes it harder to focus on the task at hand, and searching for papers or documents can slow you down. 

So, when you’re working in a coworking space, the same rules should apply, not only to be considerate to those around you but also to increase your ability to get everything done.

In addition to putting waste in the bin throughout the day, it can also help to stay organized by labeling your items with stickers so you can be clear what’s yours and the belongings of your coworkers.

If you have any company equipment that you’re borrowing, such as laptops, keeping them easily identifiable will help you stay organized throughout the day and minimize the risk of losing items when you’re moving around. 

Take breaks and get moving

Sitting at a desk all day can be damaging for your physical health, but it also does nothing for your focus and productivity. A sedentary lifestyle, that’s adopted accidentally when we work from a desk all day, can cause neck and postural pain as well as increase our risk of other health problems.

So, it’s recommended that you get up and move around regularly, whether that’s taking a walk outside, stretching for five minutes, or breaking for a coffee in the kitchen. 

In fact, it’s recommended that you break for five to 10 minutes every hour to give your body and brain a rest. Stepping away from your screen gives your mind a chance to reset and makes it much easier to give tasks your full attention when you come back to work. 

A view of a meeting room in a coworking space.

Make the most of privacy

A coworking space gives you the opportunity to avoid the distractions of home without needing to head into the office, which gives you the flexibility that so many of us crave from our roles. But, you sometimes need a space where you can work in peace and quiet to get a job done to a tight deadline or to create your best work. 

So, take advantage of the private areas your local coworking space provides, such as meeting rooms or pods, which will give you the opportunity to work in peace. It’s also worthwhile investing in some noise-cancelling headphones that will help to block out any disturbances from neighboring workers who might be in meetings or on calls. 

Switch off the socials

As anyone with a social media account will know, it’s very easy for time to slip away without you realizing just how much has passed when you’re scrolling through funny videos, your friends’ pictures, or celebrity posts.

But when you’re trying to be productive, the lure of social media is one you need to avoid if you want any hope of getting things done on time. You don’t want to get to the end of your booked time only to find that all you’ve achieved is getting updated on Instagram and Twitter. 

Luckily, you don’t have to rely solely on willpower to switch off from the social channels–there are tools to help you do just that. You can download the likes of Freedom or RescueTime, which enable you to work distraction-free for however long you need.

Final thoughts

Coworking is on the rise, and the flexibility and collaborative environment it provides makes it a great place to work. But it can still be hard to get to the bottom of your to-do list when you’re in a collaborative environment, so staying in control of your workday requires a little extra effort.

These tips will help you focus and put all of your attention on your job, so you can get more done in the same amount of time.