There is a lot to love about Orlando. It is rated one of the best cities to live in Florida and is listed among the top best cities for young professionals in the country due to its wealth of job opportunities.

If you’re looking for something to do in Orlando, you’ll never struggle with a lack of options. The city is full of entertainment and nightlife options from ICON Park and the Kennedy Space Center to the Center for the Performing Arts and Universal City Walk. There are all the Disney theme parks, too, of course, if that’s your thing.  

The city isn’t lacking in beautiful parks and scenic sites, like the Chain of Lakes canal, Lake Eola Park, or the Leu Gardens. If good food is what draws you to a city, then Orlando has a lot to keep you satisfied. Some of the best spots in the city include Hunger Street Tacos, Sticky Rice Lao Street Food, Buttermilk Bakery, and the Ravenous Pig. 

Because the city draws in a lot of young professionals, numerous coworking spaces have also popped up in recent years to cater to more modern work lifestyles. Today, we’re featuring our top six favorites that are great whether you’re a freelancer, an employer, or someone just passing through the city on business and needing a well-equipped place to work. 

Check out the 6 best coworking spaces in Orlando, Florida, the glorious sunshine state!

A coworking space in Orlando, Florida.

1. Regus – GAI Building

Regus has over 1,000 locations across the United States and is known for providing top-notch coworking spaces. Their Orlando location is inside the GAI business center, which is situated right by Orlando’s Central Business District. The building was one of the first in the area to meet nationally recognized environmental stability standards. 

The Regus coworking space in Orlando offers vibrant workspaces with several break-out areas for collaborative work and networking. There is also high-speed internet access, a lounge and chill-out area, and ergonomic seating for enhanced comfort. 

The space offers a range of options to suit individual needs, including hot desks in an open area or a dedicated desk in a shared office. Plans for the coworking space in the GAI building start at $259 a month. 

A view of a coworking space in Orlando.

2. Easy Work Space

Easy Work Space is located in the beautiful Metrowest area of Orlando in the Veranda Park business complex. The area offers a wealth of services for working professionals, including a gym, banks, shops, a daycare, and numerous food options. 

The coworking space itself also has an excellent list of amenities, including 24×7 access, high-speed internet, free parking, accessible restrooms, CCTV security cameras, and a coffee room. Plans start at $149/month but you can also get a free weekly pass to try out one of their hot desks. 

A view of a coworking space in Orlando.

3. Serendipity Labs

If you’re wanting to stay connected to all the action in Downtown Orlando, Serendipity Labs is the coworking space for you. Due to this prime location, you’ll be close to a variety of conveniences that are within walking distance such as City Hall, Church Street Marketplace, Amway Center, and the Sunrail.

In addition, you can enjoy amenities provided by Serendipity Labs such as standing desks, personal lockers, a kitchen, free beverages, and even an art gallery.

You can either rent for a small co-working space, but you can also rent for a larger party for a serviced office. The former costs $175 per month or $49 per day, while the latter costs $449 per month.

A view of Venture X in Orlando.

4. Venture X

Venture X in Downtown Orlando is a modern space with an industrial loft design. The location offers premier office space with flexible options to suit individual needs such as private offices, dedicated desks, shared desks, and meeting rooms. The space also boasts top-notch customer service for visitors and members. 

Pricing and memberships can vary depending on space type and needs, but start at $29 a month for virtual offices and can go up to $550 for private office space. Amenities include a kitchen, podcasting room, showers, event space, free snacks and coffee, an on-site cafe, an art gallery, bike parking, and wheelchair accessibility. 

A view of a coworking space in Orlando, Florida.

5. Industrious

Industrious in Downtown Orlando is considered one of the nicest coworking spaces in the city, catering to the highest of standards. The interior is thoughtfully designed and offers a panoramic view over Lincoln Plaza with its own fitness center and on-site dining options. 

Additional amenities include craft coffee, daily breakfast and snacks, 24/7 access, wellness rooms, phone booths, office supplies, secure WiFi, community events, weekly happy hours, mail and packaging services, and unlimited color printing. There are also many workspace options including open-area seating, private offices, meeting spaces, and virtual offices. 

Memberships for on-demand access start at $399 a month and private offices start at $1,196 a month. 

A view of Scribble Space in Orlando, Florida.

6. ScribbleSpace

ScribbleSpace is located in Summerport Village on beautiful Lake Speer and offers a creative and collaborative environment for working professionals. The community offers 24/7 access to private office spaces as well as meeting rooms and a kitchen and lounge area. 

Additional amenities include high-speed internet, standing desks, ergonomic chairs, a chill-out area, personal lockers, an on-site cafe, a library, office equipment, and ADA accessibility. Prices vary depending on the selected options, but coworking memberships start at $275 a month. 

Considerations When Choosing a Coworking Space

With so many coworking spaces available today, especially in Orlando, professionals and employers have a wide range of options to choose from to get set up and work productively. As such, it’s important to be mindful of which space you choose to ensure you are making the most of your day and are having your needs met. 

If you have specific accessibility needs for example, or are an employer looking for a space, it’s important to be mindful of the ADA accommodations to ensure your needs or the needs of your employees are met. 

You should never be afraid to ask about ADA accommodations when browsing coworking space options. Most coworking spaces do have accessible spaces, but it’s still important to speak up and ask questions to ensure the space you choose is best suited to your needs.

Things to Keep in Mind as an Occupier

If you are a prospective occupier looking for a coworking space to use for meetings and conferences, it’s important to make sure the space you choose is conducive to having productive meetings. When your employees aren’t always together, you want to ensure the time and money you spend when you do bring everyone together is well spent.

Coworking spaces offer several different meeting room options to suit your hybrid meeting needs, but each one may offer something different. That being said, even the best hybrid meeting rooms won’t do you any favors if you have no idea how to host hybrid meetings.

Therefore, when choosing a coworking space check that the video setup meets your needs, ensure that everyone can easily “attend,” even if they are remotely linking in, and check that the audio system is of good quality so everyone can easily hear you when you’re using the mic. 

A view of sunny Orlando, Florida.

Wrapping Up

No matter your needs, there are coworking spaces for everyone in Orlando. Whether you want something more laid-back and relaxed or want a space that is more high-end with a long list of quality amenities there are numerous options. As a whole, Orlando is a great city to work in that provides many opportunities for growth and innovation.