May has been drawing for as long as she can remember. With markers, pens and ink as her main weapons of choice, May is set to transform the way that people appreciate artwork. Producing social media visuals and collaborating with other educators to teach art to children, May is allowing her passion for artwork to drive her career and her travels. Originally from Petaling Jaya in Malaysia, May is now on a mission to continue her solo art shows and freelancing gigs, all while traveling the world. Read more about May, here!

What are you working on right now?

Right now I am currently :
1. Collaborating with a local creative writing center for kids, a kids drama and speech center and my friend’s cafe called GRIND22, for my after-school art classes and possible art jams.
2. Drawing everyday with my new comic character style, kinda like a massive ‘Where’s Waldo’ scenarios. I figured this would work well for commercial spaces as well.
3. Shooting a very short video of my current style and promoting it on Linkedin targeting corporate comms, startups and retail clients for wall murals or commissioning artwork.
4. Hustling like there’s no tomorrow for freelance gigs, as always.
5. Prepping a proposal for my 2nd solo art show–an instagrammable art show, where there will be an auction for the instagrammable artwork (mostly doodled on white furniture). 70% of the proceeds will go to Rumah Solehah, a HIV home for women and kids where I used to teach art classes. I have no idea which gallery or space to have the show, but it has to be big enough for the show as well as the media, VIPs and a whole lotta rich people to buy my functional art pieces.
Coworker May

What is your current desktop wallpaper? and why?

My current desktop wallpaper is currently a whole bunch of Jon Burgerman’s crazy awesome doodles because he’s my hero. You could say I am heavily influenced by his art and everything he drew on. I met him and got one of his books signed by him a couple years back when he came down to KL, Malaysia for a design talk which my friend organized. That was back in 2012. You know when people say, “Never meet your heroes?” Bullocks. Why shouldn’t you? Heck, I met mine and it was freaking awesome. An opportunity of a lifetime.

Which book has shaped your life or changed the way you think the most?

I haven’t been reading a lot these days but I guess if I were to choose, it would be American Gods by the one and only Neil Gaiman. I’m not sure if it really changed or shaped my life, but this was the first book I’ve read by him. I think if you’d ask me which movie changed the way I think most, I’d most probably say The Greatest Showman…as cliche as it may sound, it did inspire me not to give up and focus on my dreams.

How do you start off your day — aka what’s your morning routine?

15 minutes of yoga; five minutes of push-ups and squats. Then I bathe. Pretty simple I suppose.

What is one thing you do to get motivated?

I draw. As simple as that.

What made you smile today?

Watching a short video of my almost two-year-old niece in Illinois giggling on the swings.

What is something you think everyone should try at least once in their life? Or Name one skill you think everyone should have or learn?

I think everyone should try eating durian, at least once. If you love it, hey, awesome! If you don’t, it’s alright. It’s a love it or hate it kinda thing. One skill everyone should learn… people skills.

What is one skill or hobby you’ve been meaning to learn but haven’t had time for?

Graphic recording.

List 3 simple things in life that make you really happy:

  • Art & good music
  • Friends and family
  • The sand in between my toes while the waves come in, breathing in the salty air with a bottle of beer in my hand.

What is the best thing that you have done, just because you were told you can’t?

You know what, I’ve never really been told that I can’t do anything, especially in making things happen.

What is your favourite coworking space and why? *

Commonground. I’ve never really hang out there before, but If I were to subscribe on a monthly basis, it would be there. Why? Because it’s a pretty damn cozy, inspirational  space and I have to say… the environment and the people who are sharing the space are very diverse. And also I love the interiors done by my friend, Adrien Kent.
Common Ground Coworking space

If you had the opportunity to spend a week or month in another country to be your office of the week/month, where would you go?

Anywhere with a chilled beach life…that being said… Thailand (Koh Sa mui or Chiang Mai), Indonesia (Bali, Kuta beach, Lombok, Ubud), Spain (one of the beaches near Ibiza), or Greece (Santorini).

Biggest item(s) on your bucket list at the moment?

  1. To start teaching kids art classes and have art jams again. These are the two things which will eventually lead to making my dream happen.
  2. To land myself a huge art project which can sustain me for the rest of the year.

Tell me something that not many people know about you.

I have a thing about stacking up eating utensils when I’m done eating at any table, be it at a cafe or restaurant or at anyone’s house for lunch or dinners. OCD much I guess.

What was your first job? Has it shaped where you are today?

My first job was as a PA for Planetfilms, a pretty renowned production house in Malaysia. Being a PA most definitely shaped where I am and who I am today–it really does build character. Being a PA means you’re the assistant to the film crew, the clients, the agency fellas, the film director’s super personal assistant (some film directors have specific request of drinks or ciggies). Also, I was responsible for a few production boxes on shoot. It was long hours, I was always tired and I’d get paid six months later (depending on how fast the client pays the production house). In other words, I got to know the industry inside and out.

Any advice for your previous boss?

To my just recent ex-CD: you are awesome.Thanks for being our Kevlar vest. Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

What’s your favorite part about coworking?

Being around like-minded people.

What is your go to pump up song?

Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

Anything else you would like to add?

Start something and never stop doing it.