Known as the “Mile High City,” Denver is the most populous city in Colorado and is a hub of art, culture, sports, music, and food. Denver is also known for its work culture as well as the quality of life that local residents can enjoy, making it one of the premier destinations for those looking to relocate somewhere out West.

Taking on a coworking membership at one of Denver’s hip flexible workspaces is a great way to explore all the city has to offer, meet new people, and get work done at the same time.

If you’re currently on the hunt for a coworking space that appeals most to you, here are our top picks for the coolest coworking spaces in Denver:

Alchemy, a coworking space in Denver.

#1 – Alchemy

Located on 66 Logan Street in the West Walsh Park and Baker area, Alchemy is a modern coworking space designed to be a boiling pot of creatives and professionals from all backgrounds.

One of the things that makes Alchemy a top choice for coworking is the modern interior, the flow of natural light as well as the proximity to fashionable and artsy places in town. 

Other amenities include free doses of caffeine including free coffee and tea, high speed wi-fi, air conditioning, standing desks along with some board games to help you network with people and unwind after a long day of work.

Alchemy is also ideal for people with physical impairments as it is accessible by wheelchair. There’s bike parking and if you want to hop onto a bus, you’ll find some public transport after a quick 10-minute walk. 

At Alchemy, you can get a dedicated desk for around $400 a month with 24-hour member access. Considering the location as well as the facilities, the space is a great place to get some work done while meeting new people and growing your network.

One last thing: Alchemy is also dog friendly, so if you want to bring your canine best friend to work, then consider giving Alchemy a try!

Candy Factory Coworking, a flexible workspace in Denver.

#2 – Candy Factory Coworking

Candy Factory Coworking is located on 1514 Curtis Street in Denver’s Central Business District (CBD). Built in the historic Baur’s building, Candy Factory is a relatively new coworking space.

When you choose to work at Candy Factory Coworking, you are going to benefit from not only the location, but also from the first-class amenities and the diverse and vibrant people who work there.

If you are a true digital nomad and do most of your work done online, then you would probably need a secluded space to conduct your meetings with full focus. Candy Factory provides its patrons with a Skype room that they can use for their online meetings without having to worry about any disturbance or noise.

If you get tired of work and would like to take some time to reflect, then you can use the lounge or even better, make use of the meditation room to relieve yourself of stress.

Other amenities include things like ergonomic chairs, fast wi-fi, bike parking, printers, scanners, etc. Not only this, but you can also get free wine and beer, as well as coffee and tea.

For $350 a month with 24-hour access, Candy Factory Coworking is a true bargain in Denver’s CBD.

Convege Denver, a coworking space in Colorado.

#3 – Converge Denver

Converge Denver is a stylish coworking space that is located on 3327 Brighton Boulevard. It’s situated in the RiNo Art District and is home to a budding community.

Converge Denver has all the basics that you will need to get work done. A fast internet connection via wi-fi, air conditioning to keep the weather at bay, an outdoor terrace that you can use as well as free coffee to keep you energized throughout the day.

There is also a Skype room that you can use when you have an online meeting and want to avoid people distracting you from your conversation. There is a lounge and a couple of chill-out zones for you to relax and enjoy.

Converge Denver also hosts events that help give a boost to the community. Events like these are a great opportunity to network and find out if others might be interested in what you do.

An open seating plan is around $275 a month and is only available during reception hours. All things being said, Converge Denver is a great place to work from if you are looking for a cost-effective solution without compromising on the location and benefits.

Green Spaces, a coworking space in Denver.

#4 – Green Spaces Denver Reno

Green Spaces Denver Reno is located in the Denver RiNo Arts District on 2590 Walnut Street. It is an all-inclusive coworking space that is suitable for working by yourself or with a team.

Green Spaces Denver Reno is massive at an area of 12,500 square feet, which includes spaces for hosting events. The space has a very natural vibe largely in part due to its interior being made of wood and stone and the fact that the entire space is solar powered.

In terms of amenities, you have access to all of the basics like hi speed wi-fi, free coffee, beer, and water, as well as events that are hosted for the community.

You can also use the library and get away from the hustle of coworking. The on-site kitchen is also great if you want to make something yourself. Additionally, Green Spaces Denver Reno is a dog-friendly space and regularly organizes community events, especially centered around sustainability.

While you can access the space any time if you’re a member, but with an open seating plan, you can just pay $20 a day and enjoy everything that Green Spaces Denver Reno has to offer!

Thrive Coworking, a coworking space in Denver.

#5 – Thrive Workplace

Located near Cherry Creek, you can find the cool and moody Thrive Workplace at 201 Milwaukee Street. Thrive is a completely furnished coworking space that has shared workspaces as well as meeting rooms and private offices.

The interior at Thrive is modern and incorporates a lot of wooden elements. Additionally, the use of natural sunlight helps to keep things as energy efficient and sustainable as possible.

Thrive has fast wi-fi, proper air conditioning as well as a lounge where you can relax and network with other people. You can also benefit from the free water, coffee, and beer whenever you like.

Members can sign up for an open seating plan for the whole month for around $350 and have access during reception hours. Although the space is open on the weekends, it’s always better to check in with the staff and confirm things.

Assembly, a coworking space in Denver.

#6 – Assembly

Located in the River North Art District, Assembly is located at 3461 Ringsby Court in Denver. Assembly is a modern coworking solution that is designed to provide its members with all of the facilities they need to thrive and be productive.

The interior design is minimalistic and has plenty of natural light. There’s an outdoor pool and fitness facility on site that members can use to stay healthy while working at a coworking space.

Assembly has everything you need to get work done. They have standing desks as well as regular ones, high speed wi-fi, air conditioning, a kitchen, personal lockers as well as a lounge or chill out area. You can also benefit from the free coffee and the many events that are held for the community at Assembly.

For interested members, you can score a dedicated desk at Assembly for around $450 and have access during reception hours. 

A coworking space in Denver.

#7 – CO Work’n Denver

Located near Crown Hill Park, CO Work’n Denver is located at 310090 West 26th Avenue in Lakewood. Just three miles west of downtown, CO Work’n Denver is affordable and has a unique cozy vibe to it.

The interior does make use of natural lighting, but the space is really set up to encourage efficient, focused working. This is because CO Work’n Denver has all of the basics you need to get work done. The space offers a conference room, standing desks as well as regular ones, high speed wifi, air conditioning, a kitchen, free parking on premises as well as bike parking. You can also benefit from the free coffee, tea, water and even beer. 

CO Work’n Denver is also dog friendly and is accessible by wheelchair. Members can access the premises any time and partake in the events happening for the community.

You can get a dedicated desk at CO Work’n Denver for around $200, or if you would like a more private space, you can secure a private office for two for only $400 a month. 

The Studio Corp, a coworking space in Denver, Colorado.

#8 – The Studio Corp

Located near the River North Art District Park, The Studio Corp is located at 4950 Washington Street. The Studio Corp is designed not only as a creative coworking space but also as a natural light photography studio that all professionals can use.

The space has two photo-ready spaces, which includes a space with multiple colored paper backdrops as well as a space for photographers. There’s also a regular coworking space as well as a sales and consultations room to cater to clients.

Even though it has more elements of a photography space, The Studio Corp has most of the amenities that you would see at any other coworking space. They have a lounge, high speed wi-fi, air conditioning, a kitchen, a podcasting room, and free parking on premises. You can also benefit from the free coffee and water as well as the different events that are held for the community. 

You can get a dedicated desk at The Studio Corp for around $550, or if you would like an open seating plan, you’ll get a much better price at $245 a month. The pricing is a bit more than some other entries but if you are a photographer or are interested in growing your creative network, trying The Studio Corp is a good idea. 


Denver is a beautiful city with a unique charm and personality. It is also a great place to live and work as an entrepreneur or as part of an organization.

Finding the right coworking space in Denver will help you get the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to get work done while making sure that you are able to grow your network and enjoy all of the art, culture, and the overall vibe that the city has to offer. What are you waiting for?