A company’s most prized asset happens to be its employees or the human resources. If a cordial and positive professional rapport develops and sustains among the employees, it definitely is a good sign. To make this thing happen, understanding each other’s personality can offer a real help.

There are many benefits of getting your employees socialize with each other. The moment you see them enjoying each other’s company, you know that it’s good for business, of course for many reasons.

Thinking of how employees mingling together can help you? Read along for the answer.

Benefits of having your employees to socialize
For any employee working in a corporate firm, it is very important to feel comfortable. Plus, the fact that a person spends a good part of his life at work, getting a homely and friendly environment is the key to being more productive. This is where socializing comes into the picture.

As an employer, here are the benefits:

Newbies get on track faster
Ask any HR personnel and he/she will tell you having team building activities can do loads for the new joinees. Being recruited in a new company means the person has to get used to the new environment, new co-workers and new strategies, altogether, a whole new corporate world.

However, with any new team building activity, the newbies might just get the small catalyst to gel up with the present employees and know the work environment better.

Increases the productivity
Productivity in the workplace can be increased in a lot of different ways and one of them is letting the employees socialize. Each time a staff completes an assignment, it is good to have him/her walk out of the cubicle for a tea break and have a brainstorming session with a co-worker.

This will freshen up the minds from the remnants of the previous project and help focus on the new one.

Brings a healthy work culture
The moment your employees start socializing with their co-workers, the job becomes an enjoyable thing for them. It would do a world of good to maintain a healthy work culture and bring in a trust factor among the co-workers. After all, a friendlier senior will always be more effective.

Personality Quizzes are good ice-breakers

Framing personality quizzes using a quiz builder software will not be a futile attempt. It will help your employees form a basic idea regarding each other’s personality. This basic understanding will be a quality foundation for enhancing a professional rapport better.

But what are Personality Quizzes?
Personality quizzes mean a set of questionnaires that are framed to extract valuable information regarding one’s personality. Personality quizzes aim at measuring personality in an accurate and consistent manner. Maximum personality assessment tools happen to be self-report introspective questionnaire measures.

It is a series of questions with multi-choice answers. This does not possess any specified set of wrong or right answers, unlike the academic/knowledge quiz. The chosen answers are used to denote the kind of personality that one possesses.

Hence, you can create online assessment of all your employees, both old and new. This assessment could be in the form of leisure team activities or quizzes.

Below are some of the most popular personality quizzes that you can try on your team.

Myers Briggs
The Myers Briggs is one of the well-known tools to ascertain the personalities of the employees. It is a wonderful tool to assess the person’s tendencies and inclination towards intuition and sensing, judging and perceiving, thinking and feeling, etc.

These assessments can help the employers and the co-workers to understand the person in a better way.

DISC Behavior Inventory
Decoding the social behavior and work style of an employee is very important for team building in the corporate field. This set of quiz helps classify people into four different categories based on the answers and perhaps, their behavioral pattern.

Big Five
Most researchers believe that a person’s behavioral pattern and work style depends on five wide dimensions. These five dimensions are Agreeableness, Openness, Neuroticism, Conscientiousness and Extraversion.

This personality quiz for the employees can provide great insights on how they work and feel while at work and what drives them into being more productive. It can also be a great way to get the employees to interact with the co-workers, take managerial decisions and remove the work stress.

Other ways to socialize with the employees and co-workers
Besides the regular quiz builder software, there are many other things you can do to get your employees to socialize at the workplace to create a healthy work environment. These include some fun activities like:

Hold retreats
Retreats are helpful for the employers, for sure. But more often than not, they turn out to be a corporate agenda-seeking meet. So, to make it more involving and encouraging for the employees, there are certain fun activities that you can include in the corporate retreats.

These activities will help the managers to work on the project agendas during the retreats without losing anyone’s interest.

Team building outings
Team building outings are very important for the fostering a sense of achievement in the hearts and minds of the employees. With the help of these outings, the employer can let his employees know that the work done is appreciated. This will encourage them to work for you more.

Host a game night
A game night is one of the best ways to bridge the gap between the employer and employees. These half-yearly or annual events will help bring people closer to the employer and maintain a better understanding of how to deal with him/her in a way that could be pleasing.

It will also help the employers know the employees in a better way, interact with them and understand how the mindset works for them.

Just as one proverb says, “Man is a social animal”, it is very important for everyone to gel up with the co-workers wherever they go to. Every aspect of his/her behavior can be directly relatable to how socializable the surrounding is.

Also, not to forget, the productivity also depends on the same.