As soon as you land at the airport, Bali has this incredible, buzzing energy where everybody is eager and ready to get to work. The quiet determination that exists on the island, along with a fantastic balance between work and play, has inspired thousands to flock to Bali.

With higher Wi-Fi speeds and better infrastructure, all while maintaining the low cost of living, Bali quickly became a hub for digital nomads. Over the last ten years, several coworking spaces have popped up all over Bali, all with a unique personality of their own.

This article features some of the best coworking spaces in Bali. Divided by the area in order to get a better idea of not only what all the different co-working spaces are like but also to understand the different areas of Bali and thus decide what is best for you.


We like hidden gems and places that can really boost productivity while enjoying what tropical life has to offer. Home to the beautiful stretch of white sand beaches, Sanur is the embodiment of what life in Bali is really about. Calm, with streets that are walkable, Sanur is more than just the port where you take the ferry to visit the Nusas.

Livit Hub Bali

Being based only minutes away from the beach is only one of the many perks Livit has to offer. A premium shared office and co-working hub, Livit is an extremely diverse yet like-minded community that strives to achieve the work-life balance.

Livit Hub

The Livit Hub not only enables start-ups to grow their venture but also specialises in providing business support services all over the world such as consultancy regarding nurturing global teams all over the world. Livit has helped launch several start-ups, most notably Mailbird, Labster, and Magloft.

Livit recently opened their doors to all remote workers and digital nomads. You get the chance to work from their beautiful café or the rooftop that provides some magnificent views of Sanur, sunset and Mount Agung. It is great value for money, as for the price you not only get access to the skype and meeting rooms but you also get meals, or your laundry done for you, among many other perks! Not to mention you get invited to all the cool community events which will make you feel at home.

Genius Café

Genius Cafe
The only coworking space where you actually work with your feet in the sand and when you look up from your screen you look at the ocean. With the price you pay to work at the café, you not only get pristine blue ocean as your view, but you also get premium access to the global community of entrepreneurs. To sweeten the deal, the café also provides discounts with several of its partners if you decide to become a member with them! Not to mention, the food there is also focused on the stimulating the mind and thus their delicious plant-based menu is made only from the freshest of ingredients!

Rumah Sanur Creative Hub

Rumah Sanur’s motto is very clear: Connect, Collaborate, and Celebrate. The three C’s have attracted people from various industries. Artists, thinkers, innovators – all make up the diverse community of Rumah Sanur’s creative hub. The creative hub is committed to hosting events that bring all of these people together to bring out their potential to achieve great things.

Rumah Sanur’s creative hub

The hub is not only extremely passionate about connect people, but also protecting the environment. Their café Kopi Kultur is a by-product of this as they have successfully combined entrepreneurship with responsible source management leading to not only making Indonesia’s best coffee but also by opening up a dialogue producers and connoisseurs to understand and protect the coffee industry.


Made popular by Julia Robert’s iconic film ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali. Surrounded by lush greenery, Ubud’s emphasis on peace and mindfulness makes it the ideal place to gather your thoughts and work towards being the best version of yourself.


The 1st coworking space in Bali, which recently merged with Dojo Bali, the most popular one, that can only mean more benefits to their members.  In Hubud, you’re surrounded by lush green rice fields on one side and the monkey forest on the other. Along with the occasional monkeys, Hubud is the place where more than 10,000 visitors come each year for different reasons. Whether it’s to meet new people, learn new skills or even find themselves, the staff at Hubud is dedicated to ensuring that each and every gets what they need.  


With the modern jungle chic vibe, the Outpost co-working space looks like something from one’s imagination. Extremely modern and surrounded by nature on all four sides, Outpost does not only offer its beautiful office with air-conditioned work space and 24-hour access, it also gives its members the option to co-live with other individuals. Only a short ride away, these beautiful villas and studios with king size beds and ensuite bathrooms seek to provide the highest level of comfort.
outpost ubud

Their dedication to providing the best working and living experience is not only limited to Ubud. They also have a co-working space open in Canggu as well as Cambodia’s capital -Phnom Penh.


Calling Canggu just a neighbourhood of Bali would be doing it a huge disservice. Canggu is more than that – it is a state of mind. With rice fields and black sand beaches co-existing peacefully, Canggu represents the ideal balance that should exist between work and play. Filled with tons of hip (and might I say healthy) cafes, Canggu provides ample space to relax and get your work done.


dojo bali

As Canggu’s first co-working space, the Dojo is an institution in Canggu. With an extremely sociable staff and members, Dojo prides itself as more of a community rather than a co-working space. With its local staff and international members, the Dojo fosters the perfect learning environment to discover more about the world and the different perspectives and experiences of people. The learning doesn’t stop at the Dojo with just its community, they also host a variety of workshops and masterminds on different topics relating to entrepreneurship.

Tropical Nomad
Tropical Nomad Coworking Space

Canggu’s newest co-working space is located on right by the famous Canggu shortcut! With the beautiful view of lush green rice fields (along with some of that Canggu traffic), it’s hard not to feel inspired at Tropical Nomad. As its newly opened, it is not as crowded as some of the other co-working spaces which makes it the perfect place to concentrate. Although its quieter, there are still plenty of opportunities to be sociable such as networking with everybody at their beautiful Bali style café.

Genesis Creative Centre
Genesis Creative Centre

The Genesis Creative Centre is not your typical co-working space. Specially designed for the creative souls, Genesis offers resource filled studios for photographers, artists, fashion designers and musicians. The facilities at their studios range from beginner all the way to the professional level. Genesis aims to inspire its members with not only the view of the beach (which is an extremely short walk from the co-working space) but also through workshops and mentoring. Their goal is to have their members create, collaborate and even exhibit their art at their creative centre.


Along with some of the most beautiful sunsets Bali has to offer, Kuta is also the best place to socialise in Bali. Although crowded, Kuta has a unique charm that makes it irresistible to all that visit Bali. With millions of people flocking to Kuta each year, it is guaranteed that you’ll meet like-minded people that’ll inspire you and perhaps the way you work. Not to mention – it’s extremely affordable!

Bali Bustle

bali bustleBali Bustle doesn’t only offer the option to work in their beautiful and sleek co-working space, but also encourages members to co-live at their private serviced apartment styled home so that they have more amount of opportunities to mingle and network with their diverse community of location independent members. However, even if you don’t stay at their beautiful apartments, members who purchase their affordable packages to their co-working space still get access to amenities such as the gym and their pool!

The Hub (Legian)

Located in Sara Residence, The Hub is one of the most affordable co-working spaces that Bali has to offer. Starting from only 3.5 USD per day, you get access to the communal space along with free access to the skype room and all other areas of the co-working space. If you feel that you need more space, for only 6.5 USD you get your own dedicated desk.

the hub legian

With lots of open space and a pool to relax in, The Hub is the perfect place to work if you want a calm and relaxed ambience with minimal interruptions, while still being minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta.


Just north of Kuta, Seminyak can be named Kuta’s more laid-back brother. Home to tons of expats, Seminyak is filled with local-expat business allowing people from multiple cultures to mingle seamlessly. With scores of renowned cafes and restaurants that are based in Seminyak, everyone who visits is absolutely spoilt for choice.


Make every minute count! Biliq is not only Bali’s best reviewed space on Google, it is also the first and only co-working space that charges you by the minute! Charging you 500 Rupiah per minute, this business model lifts any obligation to stay a certain number of hours just to make your money count.

biliq bali

Biliq really is the best of both worlds. Along with the price, members also have the option to choose whether they want to work indoors or outdoors, sitting down or standing one (those standing desks are a lifesaver for some) or even by the pool! Whatever you want, Biliq will be there to ensure that your needs are met.