According to FlexJobs, there are now 3.9 million Americans or 2.9% of the total U.S. workforce who work from home at least half the time. The online market is increasing exponentially, with many people realizing that remote work comes with great advantages. Designing your own schedule and working from anywhere in the world are great reasons to get an online job, aren’t they?

Of course, there are also those who don’t agree that online work is truly profitable. They argue that employees require specific guidelines in order to perform well and that teamwork is an important part of a company’s vision.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of working a flexible job – is it really dangerous to work remotely? Do employees have a hard time adjusting to a self-designed schedule? Is teamwork really that important?

The Pros

Having a Flexible Job is Pretty Cool

The most amazing part of working a remote job is that you can work anywhere, anytime. Forget about waking up at 6 a.m. only to make it to work by 8! You won’t stress about that anymore. You can work on the plane on your way to Belize, or attend Skype meetings while in Paraguay. There’s no one to boss you around, and you take full responsibility for your actions.

You’ll Have More Time for Self-Development

Expanding your skill-set is easy once you work a flexible job. You’ll have time for yourself and for pursuing your passions. There are so many opportunities to become successful once you enlarge your perspectives.

5 Obvious Benefits and 5 Dangerous Tricks of Having a Flexible Work Schedule

Make sure you take things step by step, and search for the things you like in life. Many times, we indulge ourselves in our daily routines and forget to search for our true callings. Working a flexible job allows you to expand your horizons, meet new people, and pursue your passions simultaneously.

You’ll Become More Productive

It’s been shown that remote work improves your productivity. Imagine working for yourself and yourself only – if you don’t get your work done, who is going to do it for you? You must hold yourself accountable at all times. The faster you finish your tasks, the more free time you’ll have.

Moreover, you can work whenever you want! If you feel the most productive at night, you can work then. Offline jobs don’t offer this opportunity, so maximizing your effectiveness becomes more challenging.

You’ll Cut Down on Your Costs

Carl Gregory, a content writer at, explains the main reason why he loves online work. “You won’t need to pay for gas or fancy clothes if you work remotely. You don’t have to stress out about traffic jams anymore. You can organize your time and finances as you please.”

You Can Still Be Part of a Team

There are many remote teams working online, dividing tasks and projects. It’s true that face-to-face communication is not a priority anymore, thanks to ever-evolving technologies. We must accept that increased efficiency and better outcomes might come with sacrifices.

5 Obvious Benefits and 5 Dangerous Tricks of Having a Flexible Work Schedule


The Cons

Face-to-Face Communication Is Lost

Working in an office provides great socializing opportunities for workers. Going for a drink with your coworkers and expanding your network is a good advantage of offline work. Also, work conflicts can be solved so much easier in person. Using online tools to communicate work issues might not be that efficient.

Staying Organized Can Be Challenging

This works as both a con and a pro, in my opinion. If you are a relatively disorganized person, it will be difficult for you to be productive. If you don’t make plans and schedule your work, there is a high chance you are going to get lost in the process.

However, there’s also a chance you’ll become more organized (not only in your work, but also in your life) once you get used to it – that’s why I’d say this could pass as both a pro and a con. Learning how to be effective and get the job done quickly can prove to be a big advantage if done right.

Staying Motivated Is Tough

Many people would argue that working a flexible job is challenging because motivation is hard to find. But if you really decided to work online, it means you are determined enough to succeed, right? Maybe not. And if that’s the case, you’ll soon be back to your 9 to 5. However, if you really want to avoid that, you’ll work hard enough and stay motivated enough to succeed. Tricky, isn’t it?

Balancing Your Time

As I mentioned previously, keeping a balance and scheduling your work is crucial when working online. If you are really not good at it, you might become overwhelmed and lose track of your tasks and projects. Make sure you keep a to-do list every day to hold yourself accountable.

5 Obvious Benefits and 5 Dangerous Tricks of Having a Flexible Work Schedule

Distractions Could Become an Issue

Your phone rings, your partner starts chatting with you, your best friend stops by – yes, these are all possible scenarios when you work from home. But there are ways to avoid distractions. For instance, you could design your own home office, lock the door, and be undisturbed for as much time as you need.

Wrapping Up

There are perks and dangers to working a flexible job. Make sure you consider each one of them before making the decision to quit your job and travel to Belize. Good luck!