It’s official: The 2019 Coworker Members’ Choice Awards are here and voting is now open!

Launched in 2018, the Coworker Members’ Choice Awards, or CMCAs, are the only global coworking industry awards to recognize the top coworking spaces in each city, based on feedback from thousands of coworking space members around the world.

The CMCAs are a way for us to spotlight some of the coolest and most-loved coworking communities from our network of over 11,500 spaces. Find out how your coworking space can qualify!

The Process

Thanks in part to the overwhelming amount of participation in last year’s program, we at Coworker have developed a new nomination, voting, and ranking process for 2019. Rather than being ranked by total number of reviews and votes, a space’s score will be determined by a weighted score of:  

Percentage of members who participate

Score from the nomination results

Number of reviews on Coworker

Average Coworker review rating

This breakdown ensures that coworking spaces of all shapes and sizes have an equal, fair shot at winning the award for their city!

To qualify, a space must:

Have a verified account

Ensure your Coworker profile is up to date with complete data

Hype up your community to vote for your space!

If the coworking space you work from or work for is currently registered on Coworker, then your space is automatically one of our nominees!

Timeline for Voting

Voting will take place from June 10, 2019 to July 1, 2019. Only those with verified accounts will be able to vote, so the process is not compromised.

The voting process must be conducted ethically and fairly by each coworking space. The use of fake accounts is prohibited and, if discovered, is considered grounds for removal from the competition.

Winners will be announced after voting is closed on July 1 and all submissions are reviewed.

To vote for your favorite space, fill out and share this nomination form.

Vote for the 2019 Coworker Members’ Choice Awards 

Last year, 345 coworking spaces received recognition based on a grand total of over 56,000 votes. The “Best Coworking Space” award is given to only one coworking space in each city — granting bragging rights to that space and numerous other benefits, like increased brand recognition.

After all, why should TripAdvisor and Yelp have all the fun!?

So what can you win?

As a token of our appreciation for participating in the CMCAs, every space operator will receive a trends report published, using aggregate data collected from our results.

The top space in each category will receive a prize kit, which includes stickers, digital collateral, and creative assets for promotional use in marketing materials.

Five lucky members who participate will be chosen to win a $100 credit toward coworking. This can be used any way the winners want on Coworker, including Day Pass bookings or membership packages.


Coworking Space Member FAQs

Can I vote for multiple coworking spaces?

— YES! But you can only vote for each space once.

Do I have to vote for the coworking space I’m a member with?

— Nope. You can vote for any space you have coworked from. We recognize that more and more coworking users are utilizing different spaces for different needs. Your vote is not contingent upon or connected to having an active coworking space membership.

When will I know if I was chosen to win a $100 credit toward coworking?

— After the nomination process is closed and winners are announced.

Operator FAQs

How do I qualify my space to be part of the CMCA 2019?

— To participate in the program, a space must:

— Have a verified account

— Ensure your Coworker profile is up to date with complete data

What are the benefits of participating?

— attracts almost 10,000 unique visitors every day. Spaces who were listed on our 2018 rankings saw a variety of benefits such as:

— New members

— Bragging rights

— Increased brand value

— Ability to use and display CMCAs marketing collateral such as logo, sticker, and award

— Complimentary 2019 CMCA trends report

Does the number of members of a space provide an advantage or disadvantage over the results the voting process?

— No. Since we are determining ranking by a weighted score, the size of your membership base will not offer any advantages or disadvantages when participating in the program.

Can we only ask our members to vote for our space?

— Nope. You can encourage anyone who has visited your space to vote for you.

What if I operate more than once space?

— You can have members vote for all of your spaces, but there will only be one location winner per city.

What’s the best strategy when asking our members to vote and share the nomination form?

— The best strategy is to ensure that you announce your nomination early and communicate often. You can download creative files found at the bottom of this post to be used in social media posts, email marketing, and on your own website.

When will the voting process commence and end?

— Voting opens June 10, 2019 and closes on July 1, 2019.


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