Are you new to coworking spaces? Employers all over the world are trading big offices for this new collaborative, remote approach. It benefits both you and your team in numerous ways, such as saving on renting costs and building stronger relationships within the workplace.

Still, no environment is perfect. If you’ve been using this new way of sharing space amongst employees, you’ll know that it can be challenging to keep your employees happy and your workplace professional.

We’re here to help you. Here are five ways that can transform your and your employees’ new coworking environment instantly.

Team-Build Like Never Before

Your employees will be spending more time with each other than they would in a normal office situation. This can create tension, and they may be more likely to grow irritated with each other. Be sure to arrange fun and innovative team-building days at least once a month.

Think outside the box to make sure your employees stay excited about these events. Avoid the normal barbeque after work. Instead, head to the golf course for the day or take the ladies to a beauty spa.

Why go to this extreme? Because it will keep your employees inspired to work for your company. As a bonus, employees that spend time together outside of work will be more likely to respect and trust each other.

Respect and trust are two characteristics vital to building a successful business and work environment. Team-building allows your employees to improve and develop important skills, such as:

– Problem solving

– Communication

– Fostering deep, genuine connections

– A sense of understanding and empathy towards coworkers

– Creativity

– Time management and productivity

Be sure to create big excitement around the team-building date each month, so everyone is open to these fun events.

Handy tip: Always stick to the original date to create trust amongst your employees.

Data Sharing

Data sharing in a coworking space will motivate your employees in many ways, including creating healthy competition. Have you thought about how you can creatively share data amongst your staff?

Here’s some ideas:

– Blogs: This is a great way to encourage your employees to engage in discussions or share their thoughts on specific topics.

– Content management system: This includes social chat facilities and customer databases where staff can work or communicate together.

– Deadlines and project sharing: Allowing your employees to view each others’ deadlines and completed projects will encourage them to succeed in their individual assignments and projects.

Data and file sharing sounds risky, but it can benefit your company in many ways when managed correctly:

– Attendance: A monthly printout of all workers’ attendance can improve overall attendance figures in the workplace. These systems make people more accountable. Invest in a clock in system that can be easily managed.

– Transparency: When you create a sense of transparency, you also create a sense of trust.

– Investment: Employees are more likely to invest time and energy in their jobs when they’re given authority and responsibility.

– Bragging rights: Healthy competition is an excellent way to keep your employees motivated and interested. By competing openly, your employees will push themselves to improve their knowledge and overall work quality.

Brand Awareness

Business branding shouldn’t be left for outside the workplace. Promote your brand within the workspace to constantly remind your employees about your identity and what you stand for.

Having a strong brand generates excitement. Your workers will perform better when they feel part of a group. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

– Stationary: Don’t underestimate the difference branded “freebies” can make in the workplace. Not only does it create a uniform style in the office, but it’ll also make your employees proud to be part of a structured organization.

– Chair covers: Create a stylish workspace for your employees with chair covers or cushions that are marked with your brand.

– Business cards: Giving your employees business cards with their names and your company’s logo will create a sense of ownership and belonging.

– Uniforms: Arrange for days where your employees can wear casual clothes with a branded T-shirt or cap from the company. Include all of the employees in the decision-making process of the design for these uniforms to build team spirit. Have “Friday Fun Days” or “Wacky Wednesdays” where your employees are allowed to sport the business logo.

Manage Privacy

Managing privacy in a coworking space can be a headache. Coworking spaces can be noisy and disorganized if not managed correctly. It’s important to set certain standards and rules regarding interruptions from the beginning.

Is there a solution? Test these tips to keep the workspace professional:

– Mute it: Allow (and even encourage) your employees to wear headphones to cancel out distractions or unnecessary noise.

– Knock before you come in: Knocking may not always be possible, but you can still maintain a sense of privacy in the workplace. Employees can send emails or messages to each other before approaching a coworker. A phone call can be made to ask permission before entering a coworker’s personal space.

– Keep it down: Even with earphones on, it can still be chaotic to have everyone talking or humming to music all at once. Make sure your employees keep the noise down when communicating with one another. They should be aware of each other at all times and show mutual respect. As the leader, you’ll be responsible to set the example.

Offer Counselling

Sharing a workspace might be easier for some individuals and personalities than others. Especially if your employees are used to working in a private space, tell your employees that counselling will always be readily available.

Offering counselling will also keep conflict to a minimum. If two employees would like to sort out a specific problem, a counsellor can offer third-party observations and support. Investing in a counsellor will keep your employees happy and healthy, so it’s an expense that will provide long-term returns.


3.8 million. That’s the predicted number of coworking spaces in 2020 worldwide. It’s the new way of working, and it’s easy to see why with all the benefits to collaborative environments.

If coworking spaces haven’t produced successful outcomes in your business, is it possibly because of poor management? Hopefully you read something here you haven’t thought of yet. We challenge you to improve your shared workspace so everyone can be part of your company’s success.