In recent years, the popularity of coworking spaces has been growing at a dizzyingly fast pace. Now, there’s more options than ever before for places to cowork. Along with this increase in options has come an increase in expectations. In 2017, you’ll probably expect your coworking membership fee to provide much more than just a desk in a quiet room.

Many coworking spaces these days are offering interesting amenities to entice new members. Meeting room usage, community events, and free coffee or tea are practically the expectation at this point. Yet, there’s also some coworking spaces that go above and beyond in their amenity offerings.

Yoga classes, arcade games, and more, here are the 4 coworking spaces with the coolest amenities in the world.

atxFactory Coworking

Journey Coworking

Knowing that Austin’s Journey Coworking is hosted in a building that was once an old lighting warehouse may not lead you to having high expectations for this coworking space. Fortunately, you’d be surprised. Journey Coworking sticks to the old business cliche of under promising and over delivering.

The original building has since been renovated and now hosts a spacious workspace. Your coworking membership includes so much more than just a comfortable place to work. Let’s picture a day working at Journey Coworking…

You commute to work stress-free knowing abundant parking will be available when you arrive. You get out of your car, and head to your desk — whatever that may be. Along with sitting and standing desks in the shared work area, dedicated desks, and private offices are also available for rent.

You work productively taking advantage of the work area’s fiber internet. During your lunch break you jump on the gaming console for 15 minutes with a fellow entrepreneur to relieve the stress of the morning. Then, you quickly hop into a nap pod (yes really!) to rejuvenate yourself for the rest of the day.

You work productively for several more hours, before calling it a day. Maybe you’ll head to a happy hour with other members of the space (in the on-site full-size bar area), but maybe drinking isn’t your thing. Regardless, we haven’t found any members of Journey Coworking that haven’t raved about the space’s massage chairs.

It’s no wonder Journey Coworking members are so excited to go to work each day…



7AY Coworking & Incubator

There’s lots to love about working at Morocco’s 7AY Coworking. For one, this coworking space has several seating options. You can easily shift from ergonomic chairs to standing desks to keep your body comfortable throughout your entire workday. The work area also has excellent 100mb fiber optic internet. The productivity gains alone make a membership at 7AY Coworking worth it.

The coolest thing about this coworking space has to be its amenities though. As a member of 7AY, you’ll have the ability to attend yoga, body balance, and Arabic calligraphy training sessions. You’ll also be able to join other community members taking Spanish or Arabic lessons.

If you’d just like to socialize over a meal, here’s a few recommendations. Many members enjoy visiting the traditional food truck just outside the space’s entrance for a quick lunch. There’s also a larger community Couscous/BBQ lunch once a week as well for getting to know other community members and networking.

Best of all, this coworking space offers a very unique way to clear your mind after a long day of work. There’s a vegetable garden on the rooftop plus a direct view of a beautiful valley and the Bou Regreg River. What better way to connect with nature? There’s even rumors of coworking members having the opportunity to cruise on a traditional boat…

P.S. Tried 7AY Coworking and it wasn’t for you? Consider working from its neighbor Techverse. While Techverse’s amenity offerings don’t extend as far as 7AY’s, Techverse does have some nice membership perks. We’re talking meditation space, gaming room, mini gym space, balcony to drink coffee on, etc.

PUZL Coworking Space

Puzl CowOrKing

Shooting over to Europe, our next coworking space is Puzl CowOrKing in Sofia, Bulgaria. Like most highly rated coworking spaces, Puzl CowOrKing offers an excellent work environment. The other reason its members are such enthusiastic advocates of the space, however, is because of Puzl CowOrKing’s extended leisure options.

A lounge to relax in is only the beginning. Also included in your membership is a pool, and foosball table. This coworking space supports animal lovers by being cat and dog-friendly too. Bring your best friend to work whenever you’d like!

The coolest amenity the Puzl CowOrKing community shares has to be their arcade game machine though. Built with the help of the community, the arcade machine now sits in the common area. Anyone can play in their free time, and the machine is now loaded with more than 700 games for you to choose from.


Weserland Coworking Space


Berlin’s Weserland is one of Europe’s best coworking spaces for being creative and collaborating with other difference makers. Weserland’s unique claim to fame, however, is its 1,000 origami cranes that color the ceiling. Words don’t do these beautiful cranes justice. We’ll stop trying to describe them and just let you look at the picture above.

If you’re into design, you’ll also appreciate that nearly all of Weserland’s furniture was hand-crafted by Weserland staff members. The work environment is spacious with attractive wooden floorings and abundant natural light too. Of course, Weserland has functional amenities as well.

Consider the coworking area’s several different seating options to help you maintain healthy body ergonomics. The desks are enormous. This makes it easy for you to spread all of your things out. Delicious coffee, fast internet, and 24/7 access to the coworking space are also included to help you maximize your productivity.

The beauty of Weserland is that it allows you to complete your work in a pleasant, yet productive environment. This coworking space’s strength is helping you be productive while still maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

You’ll get started working early in the morning, but before you know it, you’ll be finished and feel free — much like the countless origami cranes above you.


Just like their members inside, coworking spaces are innovating each day. Your workplace no longer needs to be merely a boring desk and chair with wifi. As the coworking spaces above exemplify, the best places to work offer so much more….