From October 13-15, 2017 Coworking Bansko will be hosting the much-anticipated conference, Bloggers on Top.

This amazing three-day unconference is hosted in the picturesque mountains of Bansko, Bulgaria which will bring travel bloggers from all over the world together to learn and become inspired from each other’s experiences.

Topics will cover all aspects of blogging, including how to get started, key tools and technologies and how to increase traffic. 

Here we will introduce some of the attendees that are expected to attend this year’s epic event:

Coworking Bansko - Maria
What is your name?

My name is Maria and I’m a travel blogger from Bulgaria.

 Do you have a travel blog already?

I have a travel blog called Travelling Buzz for almost 3 years now. It’s mostly about adventure & city travel in Europe and especially in Bulgaria.

Why are you attending Bloggers on Top?

One of the best things about travel blogging is the great and supportive community of bloggers from all around the world. Sharing ideas, contacts, projects and having blogger friends to talk to in the same language is so inspirational that I try to get every opportunity to attend such events. Bloggers on Top is also the first one in Bulgaria which makes it even more special and appealing.

 What part of the event are you most excited about?

To meet all the great bloggers attending and just chat with them – to hear their experience, help them with sharing mine and to create long-lasting connections and friendships.


Travel Blogger - Stephanie Craig

Name:  Stephanie Craig

What projects are you currently working on?

I currently run and am launching soon.

Why are you attending Bloggers on Top?

I’m attending so that I can connect with local Bulgarian bloggers as I start my Bulgaria-focused second website.

What part of Bloggers on Top are you looking most forward to?

I’m very excited to attend a small (un)conference, meet people, build relationships, and get to know the local blog community better. Many of the bloggers coming also attend international events, but this is a great time to highlight how fantastic Bulgaria is and how strong our blogging community is.



Travel Blogger - Dario

What’s your name?


Do you have a travel blog already?

Yes, it’s called Beyond Sofia

Why are you attending Bloggers on Top?

To learn new things and meet interesting people.

What part of this event are you most excited for?

About everything!


If you want to attend Bloggers on Top, click here to register or visit the Coworking Bansko website for more information!