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Coworkers of the World: Get to Know Deb Brown

Deb Brown is the co-founder of SaveYour.Town where she has the pleasure of working with small towns all over the world, traveling, writing, and telling stories to help small town folks create a better future for their towns. Although Deb has lived in large cities such as Chicago and Dallas, after being born and raised in Webster City, Iowa, she has now moved back to a small town to help fuel her passion for helping small towns around the world. Here Deb shares more about the other projects she is working on, what has shaped her to become the...

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Coworkers of The World: Meet Andrea

Andrea is a 27 year old from Medellin, Colombia who is passionate about the arts, music, traveling, yoga, and good food! After studying advertising and design she immediately began her career in marketing.  Currently, she working for a travel startup www.alltherooms.com as a Growth Hacker where she is able to travel and work remotely.  Here Andrea shares what inspires her, her routines for success and her favorite place to Cowork. What was your first job? Has it shaped where you are today? My very first job was in an Indian company, working as a marketer and designer. It definitely...

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Meet Nadia – a Location Independent Entrepreneur from Belarus

Nadia Sotnikova, originally from Belarus, started traveling 5 years ago she began building her own business that would also give her the freedom to work remotely. Currently, Nadia is located in Bali, Indonesia, but is planning to relocate to Gran Canaria in a couple of months. Here is a look inside of Nadia’s journey as a location independent entrepreneur.   Tell us a bit about yourself: Even though my formal education was in marketing, I fell head first into remote business operations right after university. Back in college I started working for a fully distributed publishing company in the US...

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Your Top 5 Questions About Working Remotely Answered

Rafael is an interaction designer from Bogotá, Colombia who focuses on UX & UI design and e-Branding for web and mobile apps, SaaS and mobile games. Because Rafael’s work is all done online, it has given him the opportunity to work remotely. Although remote working is on the uprise, there are many people out there who still question how efficient working remotely could really be. Here, Rafael shares answers to the most common questions he has received over the many years of his remote career.   Is it (really) possible to work remotely? Absolutely. As long as you don’t...

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Get to Know Rafael Tudela Hernandez

Coworking spaces are filled with some of the world’s  most interesting people, as each coworker is working on something inspiring while offering a unique perspective on life. Coworker has decided to show off these great minds to the world starting with an interviewing with Rafael Tudela Hernandez, an interaction designer from Bogotá, Colombia. Tell us a bit about yourself: I’m an interaction designer from Colombia. Focused on UX & UI design and e-Branding for web and mobile apps, SaaS and mobile games. I love Human-Computer Interaction. I travel as much as I can. I play the bass and sing. I...

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