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8 Morning Rituals from Coworkers Around the World

How do you start each morning? Since mornings are so precious, having the right morning ritual can actually boost your productivity, give you energy and set your mind right for the day. So before checking your social media, watching your emails roll in and waiting for your meetings to begin, take the time to invest in yourself through rituals that will fuel your body, mind and spirit so you can seize the rest of your day as your best self. Check out these 8 morning ritual routines from our Coworkers around the world: Hanna Dukhnivska As a freelancer, I...

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Coworkers of the World: Meet Florence Shin

In need of some new frames? Florence has got you sorted. Florence Shin is a digital nomad who began her career in fashion public relations before co-founding her own company, COVRY, in 2014. Originally from New Jersey and now working in New York City, Florence hopes that the stylish eyewear she designs brings comfort to people while celebrating diversity. Check out her story! What are you working on right now? Everyday is different when it comes to COVRY. We’re currently working on upcoming styles for the spring season. What is your current desktop wallpaper? and why? It’s one of...

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In Need of a Detox? Join Digital Detox Camp ~ Brazil

When was the last time you turned off your phone? No, not put it to sleep or put it on silent…when was the last time you actually turned your phone completely off?   For most of us, we really can’t remember the last time our phones were off, if ever at all! The last time was probably because the phone ran out of battery a couple of months ago. In today’s world, we are always connected. In fact, the average person checks their phone every 12 minutes–and the average millennial is closer to once every 4 minutes! It is...

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Coworkers of the World: Meet Hanna Dukhnivska

As a self-taught artist, Hanna Dukhnivska is an event organizer from Ukraine hoping to continually use art as a primary form of communication. Hanna, who teachers her own classes in illustration and watercolor, loves traveling and meeting new people. After spending five years as a social media manager, she has cultivated a great love of writing and hopes to publish a book someday. In the meantime, you’ll find Hanna traveling around the world, experiencing different coworking spaces and sharing her creativity. What are you working on right now? I illustrate and teach watercolor illustration. Every Saturday, the workshops are...

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Coworkers of the World: Meet Cat Coquillette

You may already be a fan of Cat’s work and not even know it. Chances are, you’ve seen some of her paintings printed across various mediums and products, like apparels, tech accessories and home decor. Cat Coquillette, originally from Kansas City, USA, is a globe-trotter with a paintbrush, eager to share her artwork inspired by her travels with the world. Partnering with brands that transform her paintings into best-selling products, Cat’s artwork has been featured by celebrities like Hilary Duff, Lucy Hale, Jessica Simpson and Khloe Kardashian. With bright pops of color and vibrant typography, Cat’s art speaks to...

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