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Author: Sam Marks

5 Factors Affecting Workplace Productivity for Startups

I’m Sam Marks, one of the co-founders at coworker.com. Over the past few years we have visited and worked from dozens of coworking spaces across the globe. I recently took time to reflect on some key factors we personally consider when choosing coworking spaces. Why does environment, specifically when related to productivity, matter most? Entrepreneurs and startups today scour the globe looking for the ideal place to be base themselves from, but do we really know what is best for us? It is important for startups to be very clear on their goals and to choose a coworking space...

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SoCal’s Hot Tech & Coworking Scene – 10 Spaces You Should Know About

Many people would agree that SoCal, for all it offers, is one of the most sought out places in the world to live. The weather is indisputably the most pleasant year round climate available on planet earth. Access to a variety of nature, world class beaches, vineyards, and even skiing don’t round out some other local Pleasants. But how about the professional opportunity? The palm tree lined streets of Ocean Beach, San Diego For the hungry hustler, moves to San Francisco, New York, Chicago, London, Singapore often offered more promise for a brighter career, in the past of course....

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