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Author: Ashmi Pathela

11 Hacks for Finding a Great Coworking Community

I often struggle with choosing a coworking space in a new city. It’s harder for me than choosing a gym, or even an Airbnb. Why? Because I’m not just choosing a productive space. I’m choosing the community I’ll immerse myself in. And who knows, a great choice will lead to serendipitous friendships, mentors, business partners, and so much more. That’s why I take extra care when choosing my future coworking community. Here are 11 hacks I like to use to vet my future ‘work-home’: 1. Stalk the coworking space on Instagram! It’s a great place to get a snapshot...

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8 Ways Remote Workers Can Practice Leadership

In the new era of remote and freelance work, the face of leadership in the workplace is rapidly changing. As a freelancer or independent consultant, you may not manage anyone directly. Or, you might manage a loose network of freelancers that remain fairly autonomous. You may be part of one or more remotely distributed teams that have little hierarchy. The traditional power structure is breaking down. At my previous startups, I focused on developing my leadership skills. I kept my finger on the pulse of my company and made decisions to drive the team forward. Surrounded by inspiring leaders,...

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How Remote Workers Can Find Their Tribe

One of the things I miss most about working with a team in an office is my friendships with colleagues. As part of a startup in San Francisco, I had a built-in community. While working remotely, it’s up to you to find and create your tribe. If you travel often like me, it’s even harder to create meaningful connections. It’s not impossible – but it takes a bit more work and thought. Here are seven ways I’ve been able to curate my tribe: 1) Get clear about your ideal tribe Be intentional about the types of people you want...

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