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Jennifer Belk


Fort Mill, United States

" See http://loomcoworking.com/members/ for testimonials of members! "

Only Coworking community in York County or South Charlotte! Great vibe, cool people, historic neighborhood, great parking. See http://loomcoworking.com/members/ for testimonials of members!

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Sherilyn Taylor

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"My review of LOOM Coworking, Gallery and Event Space" 

November 2019

Friendly, modern atmosphere. Very accommodating

Jennifer Belk

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"Quotes from members and event hosts!" 

March 2019

"This place as everything you could want in a coworking space. Meeting space, private phone booths, quiet work area, open area, outdoor space for nice days. Very friendly owner/operators and fast internet. Why spend all day in a loud, crowded coffee shop with slow insecure internet when you can spend the same as a couple cups of coffee (their included coffee is good too) and have so much more?" (Matt Curtis) "Great place for heads-down work, meetings with customers/colleagues , or general networking. It's way more than just a "rent-a-desk". I have a home office that's quite accommodating, but my productivity at Loom is always higher (for reasons I can't quite put my finger on). It's a really cool, dynamic space that always changes enough to keep things interesting, but not in a way that's disruptive. Oh, and their Internet is crazy fast. Highly recommend!" (Tom Metz) "Loom has a great space for just you and your laptop but it also has plenty of space to hold a company meeting. Great environment and workplace!" (Cramer Pest Control) "Wonderful place to park during the work day. Whether you need to meet with clients, need quiet time to focus away from the office or your home based business, LOOM is an excellent option. " (Eye Spy Carolina Home Inspection); " The space was perfect for what we needed for our Annual Retreat. Staff was very nice and helpful. The space was nice and clean and in a perfect location for everyone commuting." (Michelle Sampson)

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