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  • Suite 201, Second Floor, 2 Seminary Hill Road

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Elizabeth Schroeder


Carmel Hamlet, United States

" Rude Ownership, Rundown Space "

Today was the first time I'd used this space for what was supposed to have been an all-day meeting with a colleague. We won't be returning. Aside from the fact that sign-up and payment were challenging (I had to email several times and even after I was told the website was working, could not pay until they sent a separate invoice), we were also unable to use the internet even though we had the login and password and our computers said we were connected. We ended up using our hot spots to access the internet. These were minor irritations -- we were still willing to give it a chance. Until the afternoon. When we arrived in the morning, we each used the restroom (sorry if TMI -- it's relevant to my review). After my colleague used it, she informed the woman behind the desk, who was very cordial and helpful, that the toilet seemed to be a bit sluggish. This woman thanked my colleague for letting her know. My colleague and I went into our rented office space, closed the door, and met for about two hours. When we emerged for a lunch break, the same woman told us that the toilet was now working, and showed us how to work the lock on our office door because she was leaving for the day. She couldn't have been nicer. We returned about 15 minutes later with our lunch; I went in to use the restroom -- and the toilet overflowed. As I was trying to mop it up with paper towels, someone started banging loudly on the restroom door. I opened the door and a different woman who I hadn't seen before was there. I began to say, "The toilet's overflowing" in the hopes we could get a mop or something, and she basically started yelling at me, saying that my colleague and I had broken the toilet, that we had used half a roll of toilet paper at one time, that this had never happened before, and basically, we couldn't use the bathroom again. She repeated this two or three times, until I stopped her and asked who she was, and she said she was the building owner. She then said she had spent 3 hours fixing the toilet in the morning (this is untrue, as we had only been there 2 hours), and when I told her we had no idea this had been an issue, that we were told it had been working fine, she told us, "You can leave if you want." We told her we'd think about it, and she again, said, "If you stay, you can't use the bathroom again." We said, "Okay, thanks," then went into the office, closed the door, ate our lunches and talked about what we were going to do for the rest of the day. We ended up staying until about 2pm and decided to leave -- 4 hours earlier than the full day, which we had paid for. We do not plan to ask for a partial refund; we honestly don't want anything to do with this company or this individual again. There are other co-working spaces in the area, and we plan to use one of them in the future. We recommend others do the same.

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