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Shlomit Yerushalmi


Jersey City, United States

" An inspiring place to work !!! "

You know you are in the RIGHT place when you wake up in the morning excited to go to work ! Starting from the comfortable location downtown Jersey City, to the beautiful view from the windows, to the comfortable and personally decorated spaces and rooms, to the smiles of the helpful support staff the day just starts. Indiegrove is a real community of entrepreneurs starting with the Founder Zahra Amanpour who had the vision of helping small businesses in the community succeed. They provide workshops, classes, education, network and support to help your business, whether it is a startup or an established one. Our business has grown immensely since we have started working at Indiegrove. Thank you Indiegrove for all the support. We couldn't have arrived where we are without you.

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Erin Daria

1 Review

6 Helpful Votes

"Inspired at Indiegrove" 

February 2018

They say you are only as good as your reputation; and before my interview at Indiegrove 10 months ago, I already knew of the owner Zahra. Zahra is well respected entrepreneur and innovator in Jersey city, anyone who is involved in the community knows of her. By this alone, I was already motivated to work and learn from her. Nevertheless, after accepting my position I was welcomed by the amazing community and this is what makes Indiegrove so special. Its a great workspace to be motivated and engage with the community! Everything we do here at Indiegrove from our workshops to our membership packages are all carefully thought out with the entrepreneur in mind. We truly believe in our community and want to support their businesses/lifestyle.

6 Thank Erin
Joanne McIntosh

1 Review

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" Great atmosphere, terrific location" 

February 2018

Indiegrove provides a vibrant, welcoming space to think, work, and commune with others of like mind. The work spaces are comfortable, clean and well equipped. Staff very professional and friendly. There is room to work in solitude, or to connect with others. I enjoy interacting with the community of entrepreneurs striving to turn their visions into realities. Lots of energy. There are always workshops or events to check out. The commute is as good as it gets --only steps away from Grove Street stop, and 24/7 access allows me to work when I want. Indiegrove is the space I needed.

6 Thank Joanne

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