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  • 853 Dauphin Street

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Brandon A Gibbs


Mobile, United States

" Top Notch Cowork Zone "

Container Yard is a great and neatly themed place to cowork, get stuff done that's hosted by great and supportive team It's an open and airy space where you can think and a zone where you can drop on headphones and focus in. Their happy hours are great places to connect and they care to make machines and resources are top notch. I was thinking on coworking spaces to join for a while as I got into coworking 5 years ago. I wasn't sure whether a private office or just home or Starbucks could do. Also, I wondered if having others around would be distracting or strange. Thankfully, though I only use a few days a month, I find it to more than prove beneficial in those places. Also, though i don't have a dog, they have a schedule for pets, which are always respectful and well behaved. Its nice having a mascot of sorts as well. The snacks are also a nice feature. Fruits are my favorite. WiFi is very good, and they make sure to keep it running well. The printer is up kept . Meeting spaces are very professional. I look forward to my next visit each time. You can try Container Yard to see if you like it and do a happy hour, so no rush, but worth every visit.A great place to cowork and grow your endeavor.

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Getting to know the facilty and support team is a good way to get started, in addition to community guidelines. Headphones are good for focus moments. Also, finding a time you can get settled into. People are here to work so that focus can help if you are more social or very much super focused. You find out a lot about yourself in a coworking spot, that can help you maximize effectiveness much faster than just at home alone. Also, a web resource like this.

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Josh Ashley

7160 Reviews

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"My review of Container Yard" 

November 2019

Container Yard just moved to a brand new location inside downtown Mobile, AL. The new space is beautiful and dog friendly! It's spacious and the regulars are great collaborators.

Stacy Wellborn

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"My review of Container Yard" 

November 2019

Container Yard is truly a community; the members are supportive and encouraging and the space is pretty cool too.

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