Desks at Abington Avenue

  • 34-36 Abington Avenue engine, Northampton NN1 4NY, UK

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Aaron Humphreys


Northampton, United Kingdom

" Superb space, great people and magnetic culture! "

Super creative yet professional space to converse with like-minded individuals or just get your head down for the day. I felt extremely welcomed from day one into the new environment and I get an awesome sense of community whilst I'm here. The space is kitted out well, with a nod to rustic but hyper-modern design. I found that working for myself at home with a family wasn't productive enough with all the distractions and it's all to easy to procrastinate. I've found the meeting room particularly useful to book out for client meetings or Skype calls and hot desking is a must if you fancy a change of scenery.

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Drew Sheridan-Wheeler

1 Review

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"One of the best things to happen to Northampton." 

April 2018

Incredible creative space, people and a place to bring the community back together. It's exactly what we need in towns in England. A place to create, make, design and to round people into a better environment - where you can connect and communicate, develop and grow yourself and business. I really recommend anyone, individual or company of individuals, to invest in your own personal wealth and careers profit. You'll find yourself surrounded by people that can help you, your business in a casual, super productive atmosphere that you will not regret. I can't big them up enough, a massive well done and thank you to the Engine team and everyone that has made it possible.

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Kyle Cockerill

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"Outstanding Atmosphere" 

April 2018

As a young business owner, I used to struggle to be motivated to do all my paper work. Moving my office to Engine has helped me greatly, being surrounded with like minded helpful people and a great working atmosphere has helped my productivity. Being able to use all the facilities has aided me in my work. Working in such a great working atmosphere has helped me a lot and keeps me motivated to achieve. The WiFi is fast which also helps. If you are in the area and are looking for somewhere comfortable to work then I would recommend highly! Thanks to all the team.

3 Thank Kyle

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