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Zuzanna Przybyla


Koh Phangan, Thailand

" Don't ever go there if you want to work.... "

If you have work to do - DON'T GO THERE. I mean it. This "coworking space" is everything but not a place for work. Details: my rating system for coworking spaces: 1. surroundings/view, 2. staff, 3. working conditions+equipment, 4. prices, 5. Internet. Beachub gets 1 star for fulfilling only for indeed awesome location and 1 star for good internet. All the others are a TRAGEDY. PRICES: ridiculously expensive day pass (600 bht?!), weekpass also very pricey. You don't get much for that. Even the food is 2x more expensive than anywhere else. WORKING CONDITIONS: Chaos. No rules. Contradictions. On one hand you have posters everywhere "Respect our silent coworking space", on the other hand - nobody respects that, and the staff is the worst at it. They are the ones who walk around, chat 1 meter from your computer while you actually try to get sth done, laugh with friends. Equipment? Terrible. Most of the office chairs are broken. Recently some new chairs were bought but they are simple wooden chairs that you just shouldn't sit on for a couple of hours since it will kill your spine. I think they were just ordered because they are cheap. Charging as much as they do, it's unacceptable to treat your customers this way. STAFF: They don't care, they are busy entertaining themselves with friends and enjoying not allowing you to work. Unbelievable. I kindly requested them to reconsider the rules of the place, or create at least a small quiet zone - but they completely ignored me. I wrote an email- same. Ehhh. Not sure why this co-working space got only 5* so far; probably they were written by the owner/staff's friends, since those guys are all indeed very sociable. Trust me though- I am not the only one who thinks this place is bad. I met a couple of other guys who paid their weekly passes at beachub and stayed there for a week only because it was a lot of money; after that they immidiately went elsewhere. To summarize, I am extremely disappointed. This is such a shame that a place with such a great potential thanks to its unique location is wasted because the owner has no respect for her customers... :(

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Ian Luthringer

1 Review

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"This place is what we all are looking for as location independent entrepreneurs - paradise with exceptional wifi." 

July 2016

I spent two months working from beachHub and it is by far my favorite co-working space to date. The owner and staff are friendly and arrange weekly get togethers and master classes for the members. It is one thing to have a beautiful location (literally feet in the sand at some work stations), its another to get that with high quality food, great people, and free classes to help me improve my business. On the hot days they have you covered with an air conditioned room. At the end of the day everyone walks 3 minutes down the beach to watch the most beautiful sunsets while groups of people gather to jam out on guitars, drums and what not. Prepare to feel at home and to fall in love with the space, the island, and the people. I will be back for three or four months this year. Hope to see you there.

5 Thank Ian
Alexandra Black Paulick

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"Unreal setting! " 

May 2016

This is the type of place that glamorizes the digital nomad. In short, I couldn't get over the scenery, variety of seating or darn right awesomeness of this co-working space. Beachfront photos don''t even do it justice (hard to believe right?). Very cool & relaxed vibe, friendly people and the best scenery you could ask for. They have an air conditioning room which is great in the afternoon as it really heats up (everything else is open air). The owner also owns an organic vegan restaurant and you can order dishes straight to your desk. Pricier than street food on the island, but high caliber and reminds me of California. It was bit tricky to find, and unfortunately too far often the beaten path to retreat to a second time. Great venue for a long term nearby stay if you're looking for ultra quiet beach and remote feel.

5 Thank Alexandra

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