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Pleasure in the job puts
perfection in the work


Of Dreamers, Designers and Do-ers

and everything in between

When you meet Leanne, don’t ask her where she’s lived or what she’s worked on, because she’s done it all. She is Queen B in #TeamCoworker, a disruptor, doesn’t like to follow the rules and is passionate about building something big that can bring people closer together.

Leanne Beesley

Founder & CEO

Madison is from Canada and is passionate about people. She is motivated to inspire people to work differently, connect new people & learn from other people’s stories & experiences [All perks of coworking btw]. Pastimes include taking over karaoke stages, scuba diving, befriending Uber drivers, traveling the world, and talking about BIG ideas!

Madison Maidment

Director of Product & Global Partnerships

With a beautiful hindu heritage and a vast background in marketing and sales, Losh rocks in any role you put her. She’s an amazing cook, and is always cooking up sales strategies and recipes. Her big dream is having her own coconut oil business and help Coworker grow.

Loshini Selvarajah

Director of Growth and Sales

Ooey lives in Thailand but spends so much time on ski slopes of Tahoe and on the beaches of Florida that she’s practically American. She can’t live without Thai food and boxing and loves making people happy. This is one of the main reasons why being a “boss” and having a whole team working under her suits her so well.

Ooey Ponrueang

Director of Data Quality

From the first moment you talk to Valeria, you can feel her latin american heritage as she can get very intense (in a good way!). Originally from Colombia and currently living in Barcelona, she’s dynamic, proactive and is pushed by her desire to live life fully.

Valeria Valez

Global Expansion Manager

Alex has been a digital nomad for years, lived in 6 countries so far and worked in startups all the way from Malaysia to Portugal. She has tons of ideas, is always on a growth hunt, loves exploring, never says no to any challenge and is crazy about politics.

Alexandra Nicorici

Global Expansion Manager

March was raised and born in the Philippines but is currently calling Thailand home. She loves to travel and explore new places and has been officially location independent since 2013. She’s also a badass entrepreneur with her own ecommerce side business, and almost always flies business class #likeaboss

March Brenwall

Community Manager

Fern graduated in English from the most prestigious university in Thailand, and was valedictorian of her class! She went to high school in the USA and can often be spotted with her laptop in Europe’s most glamorous locations - from the beaches of Greece to the canals of Amsterdam.

Fern Namngoen

Community Manager

Sheryl has great customer support and data research experience which helps her tremendously at what she’s responsible for at Coworker. She loves working remotely (from the Philippines) as she can also take care of her family. Our mission is to get her to explore the world more.

Sheryl Paican

Community Data Manager

Som used to be a teacher before switching to hotel management, where she worked in some of the worlds most prestigious hotels. She also has great customer support experience and she loves travelling. Som is also a proud member of the LGBT community and her dream is to own a coworking space one day.

Som Karnchanapinpongse

Community Data Manager

Gail Palethorpe is a self-confessed travel junky and caffeine addict with a penchant for the finer things in life such as good wine and food. She is a writer & photographer, passionate about experiencing new cultures, meeting people and having a laugh (as all Australians do!)

Gail Palethorpe


It takes a while to get Miguel to open up and make jokes, but when he does, he’s unstoppable. With a passion for coding, he is one of the main pillars of Coworker and is the brains behind our technical development.

Miguel Flores

Software Engineer

Alfonso is a Cloud AWS Expert with deep experience with Linux, networks and security. In a nutshell, he keeps us safe from DDOS attacks and ensures our infrastructure is fully optimized! He loves playing soccer, spending time with family and learning new technologies on the weekends.

Alfonso Valdes

DevOps Specialist

Pushpinder is passionate about frontend development and loves to bring beautiful designs to life through her coding. When she’s not working, you’ll find her spending time with her husband and son.

Pushpinder K.

Software Engineer

Originally from the States, Cameron lives in Vietnam. When he is not working, you can typically find him doing pull-ups in the park or traveling around Southeast Asia. When he was in high school, he dreamed of becoming a circus performer in Russia- he nearly succeeded, having learned to juggle 6 balls in the process!

Cameron Chardukian

Content Writer

Harpreet is our UI/UX designer and is on a mission to make people love Coworker through their user experience. He loves innovation and is seeking to come up with something new in everything he does. He is crazy about his wife and is excited about growing his family.

Harpreet Singh


Ryan is the Founder & Chief Editor at Coworking Insights, digital nomad and lover of wine & tacos. He’s also a Mentor with the Swiss Entrepreneurship Program in the Balkan regions where he advises coworking spaces and incubators on how to develop the Balkan entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Ryan Chatterton

Coworking Insights

Catalin is a full time Computer Science student at King's College London, and a Graphic Design / Web Dev Freelancer in his free time. He loves photography, travelling and has a small travel blog on his Instagram @adelin_torge. His favourite quote is "Earth without art is just eh...".

Catalin Torge

Web Designer / Dev


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Angel Investors

Sam is Angel Investor #1 as the co-founder of Coworker! He's now our Board Advisor and advises on high level strategy. Over the last decade he has cofounded 3 business resulting in MM acquisitions. He visits 15+ countries a year investigating opportunities and to gain a better understanding of the global marketplace.

Sam Marks

Jon sat alongisde Mark Cuban early in his career as one of the first employees of Broadcast.com (later sold to Yahoo! for more than $6 billion). He later joined Yahoo! in the Strategic Alliance Group, where he created a variety of business opportunities that generated millions of dollars in new revenue. Jon is now a serial entrepreneur and investor.

Jon Davidman

Ben was an early disruptor of the "booking hotels online" industry as the CTO of Bookt, a software for online booking and managing of vacation rentals acquired by RealPage (NASDAQ: RP) in 2014. He then joined RealPage as Vice President before co-founding Cien, an Artifical Intelligence technology for sales.

Ben Strumm

As the Founder & CEO of Bookt (acquired by NASAQ: RP), Rob turned Bookt from an idea to a platform with over $110M in bookings annually and clients on 6 continents. He created important strategic partnerships with companies including Tripadvisor and Priceline, and is now co-founder and CEO of Cien Inc.

Rob Kall

Jeff is the founder of over half a dozen technology-focused businesses. He has also helped manage and grow dozens of others, and is an active angel investor, board member and advisor. One of his latest successes is Ring, which was recently acquired by Amazon for over $1 billion.

Jeff Natland

Ryan lives in Toronto with his family and is a serial entrepreneur with a background in technology, SEO and growth. His projects span across multiple B2B and B2C industries.

Ryan Fitzgibbon

Daniel is a manufacturing and real estate mogul based in Shenzhen, China. He has thousands of employees and has generated massive industrial growth in his current manufacturing projects.

Daniel Chen

Hong Kong-based British entrepreneur Constant Tedder has invested in multiple coworking industry initiatives, including physical spaces and software. Prior to this, he was the CEO / Founder of Jagex, the UK's largest independent developer of online games, which was recently acquired by Zhongji Enterprise Group Co for $400 million.

Constant Tedder

Based Around The World

Paper Plane

We believe that everyone should be free to choose how they work and where they want to be based. With offices in Silicon Valley, Canada, Romania, Thailand and Malaysia, we are a team reppin’ 11 countries (….and counting!) working towards a common goal.

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Female power!

100% of our current leadership team is female. Pretty cool for a tech company, isn't it? #FUNFACTS

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Working from everywhere!

We work from different parts of the world, this means someone somewhere from our team is always ONLINE


Sharing Values

Coming together with shared values and a vision is what makes us such an amazing team to be part of. The opportunity to grow and learn from people all around the world is what keeps us coming back for more!



Sometimes things in the ‘office’ can seem too good to be true! We always strive to include play in work (oh wait! was that work in play? - lines are thin anyway)



Team spirit is important at Coworker. We are each other's own cheerleaders minus the mean girl drama #win



Labels are for jars and rules are meant to be broken (in moderation!) Coworker encourages collaborative environments that reflect our need for connections and balance.



Nobody expects you to know everything. Everyone here is learning and growing all the time. This commitment to personal & professional growth is one of the things that makes this place so great.



It’s like being in a long distance relationship with a child together. A growing child at that mind you! And trust, they say, is the key to lasting relationships.



We believe in action over words, and our growth reflects that! Coworking is an exciting emerging industry and we're excited to be pioneering the industry's first global marketplace.

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Don't take our word for it

Here’s what the team says about Coworker when left

Alexandra Nicorici

Global Expansion Manager


Personally, I am obsessed with remote work and freedom at the workplace, as it makes me think of evolution of work in any way. I am expected to be proactive and never be micromanaged. The fact that Coworker encourages this, is one of my main reasons to love the company.


Loshini Selvarajah

Director of Growth and Sales


I love working for Coworker because it allows me to travel and work with people from all around the world. I am encouraged to give my input and I am not tied to only one activity. This makes my job very interesting and I wouldn't change this for anything in the world!


Ooey Pengueang

Director of Data Quality


I came from a different background and with Coworker I was able to have a very high learning curve. I no longer have to be in an office from 9-5 and I have the freedom of being my own boss and taking the best decisions for my job and my team.


Valeria Velez

Global Expansion Manager


I really enjoy working for Coworker because I like what I do and I'm assigned responsibilities based on my strengths. I have an excellent relationship with the team and even if we work remotely, we all work for the same goal. Everybody's achievement is my success and this makes me very happy.

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