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Jacob Shapiro


Las Palmas, Spain

" Perfect for digital nomads! "

great weather, great wifi, great people, . I love that they left the door open every day to let the fresh air come in. You don't see that anywhere!

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Monica Alien

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"There's better places!" 

March 2019

First of all the co working space is a garage without windows! It exists out of two big tables with some desk chairs..... In other words you do not have your own desk, no privacy whatsoever. So a lack of privacy since anyone next or in front of you or aside of you can just annoy you with questions or chatting. I mean if it's busy it's like your sitting on each others lap.... I am a sofa person so I tried to get settled down on the sofa's (also because I like the feeling of having a little more privacy) the sofa's weren't comfortable enough for me to hang out in for a full day. I never used this co working space and I would never pay for it. I believe hanging out in local bars or just at home IS better. Co-living wise. I stayed at the Miller house and although the sofa was just fine to hang out all day there were many other little details that weren't so great about the place. It's a little moldy in some rooms to start off with. The kitchen is way too small and anything but nice to hang. There were works on every side of the building which might not be the fault of Restation but didn't help their case especially if you think I had to pay 600 Euro per month for a shared room (3pax). The cleaning lady hardly cleaned our bathroom, she could have come in maybe a few more times to clean the bathroom. The office space didn't even have proper desk chairs had to tell them that we had no space in the room to put our stuff and that then their solution was to install some ikea wardrobes. They were going to do more works during our stay but fortunately my roommate got it arranged that they didn't do it during our stay because that meant we had to move our stuff over and over + that we had to stay out of the room for a while. Which isn't always ideal.... The events they organized were not always shared in the group so some people just would find out about wednesday breakfast by accident. Also lunch on a monday is rather shared on an ultimate moment.... The people who stayed at our house usually only stayed a week or less and sometimes a little longer.... so if your looking to make some real friends this isn't the place and it's almost just as bad as a hostel. Actually it's worse people who travel are still open for new people all the time. People who have been working online don't want to make friends with people who will only stay for a few days! I don't recommend this place, you're better of getting your own Airbnb and show up for the local digital nomad events through facebook or Meetup.

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Hélène Scherrer

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"Percfect !" 

November 2018

Maria and Myriam are very friendly and I have loved my staying. I will go back again as soon as possible and for l longer time than the first time. I have stayed only one week and I want to stay longer than that because it is near my home base, that is great ! THANKS ! The community was great, I can rest, work, swim and feel free of my time and space. Las Palmas is beautiful and for sure, I will go again at the coworking and coliving of Maria and Myriam. Thanks for everything and see you soon again !

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