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Dimitriou Gounari, Patras

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About Patras

Most meandering freelancing professionals won't linger long in Patras, as you will probably be boarding or getting off a boat plying between Italy and the Ionian Islands. The largest city in the Peloponnese, this port city has been in existence for around 3,000 years. Awash in derelict buildings with unemployed men and beggars lurching around the docks, it is in stark contrast to the city itself where you will find pretty squares and bustling funky cafes, bars and restaurants catering to its 20,000 odd university students.

Coworking spaces here are not just for the wandering nomad with a laptop looking for somewhere to do some work, as the local professionals look upon coworking spaces as the escape route from shelling out money for their own business premises. A safe city with a reasonable living cost so it won't destroy your bank balance whilst hanging out with likeminded souls in a coworking space, Patras has a great climate and excellent Wi-Fi for the for professionals. It is easy to linger here working by day and taking advantage of the dynamic nightlife if you are into a bit of partying after hours at one of the many throbbing venues, as this is when Patras comes alive. You can spend your lunch break checking out the stunning squares or the astounding neoclassical buildings. Delve into its historical past and poke your nose into one of its museums or trash a credit card in the shopping enclave.

Patras is where history, culture and entertainment clash in a wonderful mix of hedonistic fun.