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Anca Dubei


Timisoara, Romania

" Just perfect! The best co-working space ever! "

Besides all the facilities that DevPlant offers to get your job done (central location, wide dedicated desks, meeting rooms for every need, a completely equipped kitchen, perfect coffee, “nightstands”, great terrace with a sofa, air conditioning, good Wifi, big windows, …), DevPlant is a handful of beautiful people! Friendly atmosphere, good vibes, smiling faces, warm “Good morning” greetings, basically everything you'd possibly need to make your every work day a pleasure! Just take care of not gaining weight! There is no day without cookies, chocolate, ice-cream, pancakes, birthday’s cakes and so on at DevPlant (as I said, awesome people!). The staff promised to bring a weighing scale! Just to enjoy the “Before and After DevPlant”! I’m grateful for being a member of DevPlant Cowork! It’s just the perfect space to be working in! PS: The day that I see a hairdryer at DevPlant, I will officially move there!

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Carmen Proteasa

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"My key words are: great amenities, great atmosphere, openness and great hosts." 

June 2019

DevPlant cowork is a place where people can concentrate on their tasks because they have the space for it and also socialize during lunch or other events. It offers you many options where to work and you have many possibilities move around with your laptop if you need privacy or if you have a collective meeting. I find the sofas very useful during the day to relax a little bit. The hosts are kind and always helpful, and somehow everybody contributes naturally in keeping the cowork functional. They have great coffee and giving with all kind of details (sweets, food, office supplies etc). Also, the desks are spacious, big windows, luminosity inside, AC, clean space, good WIFI, friendly and clean eating space and socialization area, good location of the corwork - in the heart of the city. When I'm entering here, each morning, I am greeted and welcomed with smiles and good vibes. Every single morning.

6 Thank Carmen
Mystery Coworker

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"it's all about the vibe" 

June 2019

Once you reach the 3rd floor and enter the co-work the pleasant open space makes you feel really welcome. There is always someone buzzing in the kitchen area ready to share a coffee and a chit chat with you. But don't worry if you are more of a loner, there are plenty of comfy and private spots around the co-work. Just bring your laptop or agenda, if you are old school, and you are ready to go.

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