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Marcian Creteanu


Timisoara, Romania

" Being a Sales Rep, I was hooked the moment I stepped inside... "

If you are in Sales, most probably you haven’t found these Reviews because you’re very busy... In case God blessed you and you have this opportunity, please stop reading right now. Why? Two reasons. On the one hand, maybe you don’t trust reviews ‘cause they’re palaver – N.B. Don’t google “palaver”, it’s the same feeling customers have when sales reps try to talk them into buying something which adds no value to their business. On the other hand, this is a sales rep’s review… You know that sales reps don’t have time to write reviews and when they do it, most probably they have an agenda… Come on, you are VERY BUSY! Why should you rent a desk and do your office job in a coworking space?! Don’t! At DevPlant, just VERY FEW people are in Sales. Why should you spend time with other people who aren’t like you?! Don’t! And… of course… we have a set of RULES here. Why should you observe these rules and even pay for doing it?! Don’t join us! In case a part of you wants to give it a try, you may join us for a few days. Moreover, you get this opportunity for free! Why? Because they know what they sell…

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Roxi Mitrica

1 Review

4 Helpful Votes

"One of the best coworking places I've ever been to." 

June 2019

It has everything you need in a coworking place to get the job done: great coffee, different sized meeting rooms for every need, lots of space and lovely people .

4 Thank Roxi
Jiva Totin

1 Review

2 Helpful Votes

"Great place to work" 

June 2019

Good coffee, good beer, central location and a lot of restaurants nearby. Also, cozy private areas.

2 Thank Jiva

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