Porto i/o Riverside

  • 73 Rua do Infante Dom Henrique

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Kaylee Roselle


Porto, Portugal

" Great Space. Great People. "

I needed a space to work from where I could easily pop into a conference call at the drop of a hat - Poto i/o was perfect. It was central, easy to find, the manager was super communicative and open and I generally gelt comfortable working there. I was welcomed with open arms and made to feel right at home. Porto i/o has everything you'll need to accommodate your needs - meeting rooms, lounge areas, coffee (!!), and breathtaking views over the river. Ill definitely be back and Id definitely recommend Porto i/o to anyone looking for a co-work space in the area.

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Luís Miguel Sousa

4 Reviews

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"The wow factor" 

March 2018

Being a member of the Porto i/o community means I can visit and make use of the other coworking spaces in the city. At riverside I can work at full throttle while surrounded by fun people, and whenever I want to take a break, the patio is a great place to eat a piece of fruit and have a meaningful conversation or just a casual chat. Best of all, if you ever need to bring in a client or a boss for a meeting, they are sure to be impressed by the view over the Douro river. When trying to make an impression, the wow factor can be critical, and Porto i/o riverside definitely has it.

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Pedro Santos

3 Reviews

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"Cowork gem by the river" 

March 2018

In my opinion, when you're in a space that makes you feel at home, it speaks for it self. You definitely feel a good vibe in the space and in the people. Again, in my humble opinion, it enhances my will to work, feeling that productive energy around. Also to get to be in such an iconic area, in a space with such charm, with all the modern amenities, it does create an atmosphere, a productive environment, feels good even to comute there. Also a note on the concern for the well-being of the coworkers, it's more than just a desk or a corner for you to work, it's home comfort level. Thanks for the hard (and heart) work put into it.

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