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Johnny FD


Lisbon, Portugal

" In a cool plaza, good setup, great place to work in Lisbon. "

If you're in Lisbon, Portugal, definitely check this place out as it's in an awesome plaza full of hipster shops and great restaurants. It's also in a really cool neighborhood a $6 Uber ride away from city central that I'd consider moving to if I became a monthly member of the space. Downsides are: A bit dark as there are only windows on one side and all of the lights were turned off. 90% of the space is fixed desks so there's only around 8-10 seats for day passes. There is a communal kitchen area and lounge to meet each other and gather but no outdoor space. Some of the chairs were worn out and the seatback was broken. The meeting room is super dark, even with the light on. It'll take you a few days or a week to get to know people as it's not super social. There's only one quiet place to take calls or skype, the one meeting room. The Good Parts: It's located in an awesome plaza with cool restaurants and there's a cafe right next to it. They have a meeting room with sound proofing on the walls, great for podcast recording if you can reserve it. Free coffee and water. (really good coffee) Nice kitchen area. Plugs at every table (bring your adapter) Weekly communal lunches to meet others. I was only there for one day, from around 1pm - 7:30pm so I got a decent taste of working from there but I'd need more time to really give it a good review. Overall I'd say it's definitely worth checking out and would be one of the places I'd consider working out of monthly if I move to Lisbon....which I might as I think it's the next Chiang Mai. Listen to Episode 120 of the Travel Like a Boss Podcast for the review of Chiang Mai vs. Lisbon.

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the restaurants in the same plaza are a bit expensive but really good food.

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Jemma Porter

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"Not the best" 

November 2018

I was a member of Cowork Lisboa for around two months. There aren't very many community events so it's hard to get to know people. Unless you pay for one of the fixed desks you're going to be working from a cramped communal table tucked into a dingy corner of the (already pretty dark) workspace. Arrive before 11am or you might not get a seat. Phone calls are difficult: your options are to do it while sitting elbow to elbow with your coworkers or do it in the corridor, which is pretty noisy. The Wi-Fi was also fairly patchy. When I worked there another member used to bring her toddler in every day, so it was pretty noisy with a little one crying: I don't want to sound like a miser but it's not really appropriate for an office environment, especially if you're paying to get away from noisy neighbours like I was. Maybe this was the best space in town when it first opened, but now that there are so many great coworking spaces in Lisbon I'd give this one a wide berth.

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Pedro Reis

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"It's not about work anymore" 

March 2018

You don't go to Coworklisboa for the wifi connection you go to Coworklisboa to connect with people. This place is run by a family as a family. Fernando will take care you find what you're looking for and Ana will take care you get what you need. That simple. When you get there you'll understand why it's been going strong for 8 years. They say "it's not about work anymore" and it's not. You do work there (if you want) but most people choose to make it part of their lives not just part of their work. Besides this you get to go to LX factory every day.

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