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Mukha Dmitry


Poznan, Poland

" Great atmosphere and an excellent place for work "

The place is located at the very center of the city (5 minutes walk to the Rynek) in a nice historical building. It is clean and it has everything you need for a productive working environment: convenient chairs, standard height desks, a standing desk, Wi-Fi and wired connection should you need one, printer/scanner, free tea and coffee, a small kitchen with a fridge and mini-oven. The owner is really friendly and will always help you, or will provide you with the right contact. I've been renting a desk at Coworkingness for a year already and I'd say it's the best coworking space in Poznan.

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You can have a very cheap lunch at Foodie at Kupiec Poznanski (7 minutes walk from Coworkingness).

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Michael Johnston

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"Noisy, not open on weekends, no key card access, bad kitchen" 

December 2017

To be a great coworking or office space, you need the following: -Freedom from egregious noise -24/7 access with key cards -Decent kitchen & coffee Unfortunately Coworkingness, despite its friendly community and great location, doesn't have this. The rooms are relatively small, with hard wood floors, so if you have a noisy coworker shouting on the phone often (as I did) you'll find it hard to concentrate. I also felt like I was making a huge amount of noise walking past everyone on the squeaky, click-clacking hardwood floors. There's a reason 'professional' offices have carpet - it eliminates noise from foot traffic, and absorbs sound overall. The desk size is reasonable, but my chair was butting up against another desk. Whenever someone wanted to get past me, I would have to squeeze forward a bit. The office is technically accessible after hours and on weekends, but deserted and technically closed. There is no key-card access either, and many people didn't have keys at all - you'd have to be buzzed in by another coworker. The internet speed when I was there was about 100/100, shared between 20 people. It wasn't a problem for my work, but it seems strange to have such a low speed in a country where fibre connections are so cheap. The kitchen was very weak, too small, without even a microwave (!) when I was there. The refrigerator was overfull, generally too small, and some days the kitchen would smell mildly of garbage. There was a small pod coffee machine, with a supply of pods that you can buy (money in a jar), but you'd have to supply your own milk! The location was great though, and the other coworkers were very friendly. There were lots of places nearby to eat. Overall this is the kind of place suitable if you are a remote employee for another company or working on a small and straightforward existing online business. Anything more than that - rapidly scrambling to assemble a hot startup, for instance - requires the kind of comfort (from noise) and 24/7 access that unfortunately Coworkiness does not offer. Coworking spaces in Poland overall, outside of Krakow and Warsaw, seem to be very weak, so this is still the best Coworking space available in Poznan, but if you're coming from other international tech hubs or from coworking spaces in Western Europe you'll be disappointed. I think the Coworking spaces in 2nd-tier Polish cities like Poznan need some kind of direct local Government support to get them up to an international best standard.

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Anand Padmanabhan

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"Efficient, great location, incredible community" 

August 2016

I intended to work from Coworkingness for a month and ended up staying there almost a whole year. The community is just wonderful and full of talent. The property is spacious, comfortable and in a great location. The internet is blazing quick. Oskar does a great job of running the place and has beautifully curated an incredible community of professional talent from various backgrounds. Plenty of get-togethers and fun to be had off-work as well. Highly recommended!

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