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Agata Siwa


Poznan, Poland

" Special place "

I have worked here for more than a year :) I truly think that it's the best space in Poznań. I checked almost every Coworking places in the city and chose this :) Big space, confortable spots, hand open for foreginers and owner's mind full of unusuall ideas! Highly recommend! :))

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Christoph Evers

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"Practical and friendly coworking place" 

July 2016

Super productive and quiet in working hours, friendly and social in between them. Exactly what I was searching for! :) A few foreigners welcomed by mainly truly great locals in a well organized tenure. What to ask more? A yeah, dishwasher and microwave maybe, but it's just a detail ;)

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Jan San

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"Working here for over a year now." 

July 2016

If you work in an office, who do you talk to? What do you do? You're on a treadmill, waiting for time to pass, and finish your assignments (at least I was). Now here, you are surrounded by ambitious, hard working, interesting people from all over the world, who all can contribute to your progress in one way or another, and it works both ways. Frequent social events and a general atmosphere of friendliness and collaboration is what characterizes this place for me. This, plus the fact that no one slacks off, lets me deal with procrastination in a way I did not think was possible. This place is innovative, well administered and inspiring. I can see myself still visiting for years to come.

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